Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mothers day Brights & Award!

So this last week I have been preparing for Mothers day! I imagined when starting the designs in my head that I would go for pastels and sugary tones but ACTUALLY ended up with brights and vibrant hues instead!


These are on Ivory or white card and are a6 sized, I've left them blank for personal messages 
I'll be selling these in the blogshop for £2.50 each


Just a few examples of the earrings that have been flying out! These can be made in a whole variety of colours and at Only £3.50 a pair is a bargain!

 The plaques are 6x3 inches and can be personalised with a message of your own too!!!
They are £4.50 each

I'll be adding these to my blogshop so Click here to see the full range and send me an email to purchase!
I'll be having a limited offer on Facebook too where you can buy 

Ok enough business!! I have taken up a new hobby! BRAIN TRAINING!!!
I usually avoid computer games as I do have the tendancy to sit in an addictive manner forget everything around me and play for hours!!!!

But after my first brain test ( partly due to the fact that it didnt recognise my voice) I ended with a brain age of 80!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!
Ok so after a whole week of training I am at 30 which a year younger than my actual age but apparantly I need to be at I have along way to go!!!!!!!

I cant wait for Spring!!! I'm itching to get in the garden!! We also share an allotment with Friends which is in the very early stages at the we will be growing all sorts of Veggies there this year..which is a much better idea than growing them in my garden as my pumpkin vines were squashed by football play last year!!

So I'm going to be pretty busy over the next 2-3 weeks as I will be preparing for the Vintage and homemad fair in Northamptonshire.... As you may or may not know we are trying for a another baby so I will be eventually losing my craft room to a nursery!!! I have so many shelves, frames and lots of home accessories to make over so they will be selling for a song!!! If you can get up there come an grab a bargain!!!!

I got the following award a couple of weeks ago from the LOVELY LISSYLOU!!! 
 Thankyou hunny xx

The condition of accepting the award is to pass it on to 5 people and to list 5 things I like doing;

1. Treasure hunting
No not for buried Gold with Maps but in Old junk shops, Markets, Car boots, charity shops.....the joy of finding that one treasure in a pile of old rubbish is heavenly!!!
I love hugs with my Little Boy and hubby...or anyone else who comes along to my house! No one leaves without a big hug from me....except maybe the guy who reads the gas meter!!!
As my profile states I LOVE TO CREATE!!!
I dont have a favourite craft really, I'm lucky to be able to make a wide range of crafts, Jewellery, painting, drawing, paper crafts...etc Whatever I am in the mood for is my favourite for that day!
4.Being with my Friends
I'm SOOO Blessed with my friends I try to be the best friend I can be and in return get the loyalest, kindest generous people in my life...who would be there for me in a heartbeat as they know I will be for them. In my house every Wednesday is 'PANCAKE WEDNESDAY' Where I make fluffy american style pancakes, bacon and maple syrup and have my girlies round who make coffee and sit and talk about everything and anything! Its Tradition now! 
5.( this may sound weird)
Taking a Mental photo
I will explain! So you know when you Stop and pause to really remember what you are doing in that moment because are really enjoying something! In my case it might be.....
Reading a great book in a squashy bed with freshly washed linen, sitting and drooling over cooking programmes and drinking coffee with my friend, Watching your Son bond with family members whilst they try to put lego sets together! Watching someone open a gift that you really put a lot of thought into buying and they LOVE IT!!

I'm gonna pass this award onto the following people who I either love to hear about or would like to know more about!

So please excuse me if I posts are scarce but I'm planning hard to be ultra organised so I can take lots of pictures of the fair this time!!
Until next time...
Annie x

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Mixed Bag

Firstly Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my past couple of posts I havn't had much of a chance to reply to each one but I do read all of them and they ALWAYS bring a smile to my face xxx
Well now that I'm back on form I can show you a few pics and update you about some of the things I have been up to!
At the moment Aidy is on half term and hes just got to a stage where we are really clicking and as he has got a bit older he has found his independance we seem to be having lovely days where we go and do our own thing for a while and then 'meet' up for a drink and a snack ( all under the same roof of course)  where we'll play a game or do some colouring in etc....He is also learning to read and write so I get these Fantastic little notes which he pops on my pillow and I find before i go to bed! Just random little messages like ' I Luv Mume' or 'I am Fiv' Make my day xx

The shop I supply in St Albans have ordered some more of these window clings....they are around 5inches high and are suitable for mirrors and all types of glass...I sell them in a pack of 4...was thinking of putting them in the blogshop...I also paint butterflies and angels also.....heres a few examples...

I finally finished making  all the gifts for the giveaway prizes...somewhat delayed by my sickness! But they are now travelling and on their way to their  recipients!!!! Here's a sneak peek
 Also made a few little wooden signs to cheer a few friends up whos been having a rough time of it lately...
I now have to make some stock for Mothers day as I am joining an avon home party on Friday week so need lots of little pressies...any gift suggestions? I have designed a set of Mothers day blocks so I'll be back soon to show you them...Then it will be all go for the Vintage and Homemade Easter fair!! LOADS of Stock clearance from me so make sure if you are near enough to come and grab a bargain!! 
Until next time my Lovelies 
Annie xxx

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines day!

Heres to a weekend filled with holding hands, snogs and Passion!
 ....And if theres ever a need for an excuse, use Valentines day to show Love to your family and friends too.
I have so much love in heart to give to ANYONE who wants it!!!!
So here take it......I LOVE YOU!!!
Annie x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

COVET...To wish for Longingly.....


I just had to share with you something......Something which I have wanted so much for a while now. The Title is a word which has been brought to my Attention by Liz..a most wonderful person who I have been most fortunate to meet through blog land! After she said that she Coveted the Giveaway prizes which made me giggle of course!!!
Anyone reading may know I have a Birdcage addiction...and you may have also seen pictures of these beautiful items in blog land already! They are stunning!
I still COVET them!!....However until I can afford it...I managed to find...

In MATALAN!!! for £25!!!
I have to say I do love the home ware range there...and the Influence range have got a range by some great designers....this is from Laurence- Llewelyn Bowen influence he has a lot of opulent Black, Mercury, sumptuous accessories, Linda barker is very similar to her website very vintage chic style, Justin and Colin are more kitschy class and Anthea turner range is very pastels and pretty prissy!
If you haven't been recently then I would def suggest taking a trip there soon as there's lots of patchwork style cushions and Lovely tableware for very reasonable prices!!!
Back soon
Annie x

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Just a little note to say..

..I've given in to a head cold :~(  I am the worlds worst patient and would like to believe that illness is a state of mind so I try and carry on with the school run and work and housework etc etc...but this head cold has kicked my arse and I have had to stop and actually lie down today and take the most disgusting tasting medicine ever made! I swear it was like the scene of Nanny Mcphee when she administered the foul liquid to the children!

BUT....It worked, I can actually lift my head now, also the fact that My Mum had been visiting and did the school run for me today so I could fully rest was a godsend!!
So please forgive me if you are waiting for orders from me or your E-mails have been unanswered....I will be on it as soon as my head stops spinning xxx Much love
Annie xxxxx