Monday, 25 January 2016

As some of you may or may not know... After splitting from my ex husband I was forced to sign on for jobseekers allowance so I could get some help with the mortgage so me and my boy could stay in our house . I had pretty much hit rock bottom. Going to that place was not the highlight of my life at 36...I am very grateful for the help.  But the stigma that came along with it I was not prepared for. When you are lumped in with a catagory of people who are deemed lazy, chavs and even have people resenting my son having free school dinners it destroys your soul and made me feel ashamed for asking and receiving help. How many memes and statuses did I see on my time line telling me their taxes paid for me to get by. ( thankyou)  cheating the system etc etc..then watching mp's claim thousands in expenses...Watching the rich rob the poor.. Trust me.. Living on benefits is NOT Easy!
Today I signed off. I worked my arse off to build my business so I can support me and aidy without the struggle.  It took me a year... I thought it would take 2. I have never been lazy. I have a part time job,  full time mum and run a business....and i loved my son enough to not be too proud to ask for help. Eventually in the future I plan to create opportunities for people in my situation to not to have to take the first cleaning job they find and follow their dreams also.
 I guess why I'm writing this status is to make people aware of how their judgments and critism can make a real person forced into that situation feel,  even if you are referring to those who you think are too lazy for can you tell the difference? Everyones personal circumstances are different.
 You never know where life can take you. Your whole world can change in an instant and you may be the one that ends up being judged. It's a long drop from a high horse.  Stay humble.