Friday, 24 September 2010

Lovely Surprise!!

Well I was lucky enough to be drawn runner up in this Gorgeous lil giveaway!! 
Just look at these lovely pressies above waiting to be ripped open!!!

 cute heart clip holders....
 Gorgeous lace Rose brooch....
 this yummy mummy.....
 and this lil lady!!! HOW CUTE IS SHE!!!!
 What a lovely parcel of goodies, sending a big thankyou to Lovely Kandi x x x
If you havn't visited then please do, her blog is a lovely read

Friday, 17 September 2010

Autumn winter shoot for Vintage, Thrifted & Refashioned

Just setting the scene and wanted to share!
Have a great weekend friends x x
Annie x x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My fave season is here!!!

just a quick post to celebrate my fave time of year!
Blankets piled up for cosy evenings, scarves and hats dusted off for walks in the woods, Pumpkin soup and fresh baked bread on Saturdays,being surrounded by beautiful shades of Orange yellow and red, watching scary movies with my sis while drinking hot chocolate....I could go on forever!!

Here's a few recent commissions I have made for a baby's nursery
will be posting more details in the blog shop so press the button on the sidebar on the right hand side to take you there!
This is the personalised shadowbox

And this is a deeper one with ornamental personalised blocks in!

Was thinking about making a children's version of these with maybe some plastic coating on them making them a bit more durable? I usually varnish the blocks a couple of times anyway but they really are ornamental.....would love to hear your opinion on what you would prefer if you were buying for a children's room?
Starting shooting for our Autumn collection of Vintage Thrifted & Refashioned on Friday so will hopefully be back soon with some thrifted treasures I have found recently!!
Until then, stay cosy!!
Annie x

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

She wore a Raspberry Beret.......

Well Thought I'd get round to showing you a few of my pretty Birthday Pressies!! Seems a lot of my fellow bloggers are September Babies also (which probably explains a collective love for Autumn which I see so many posts celebrating!!) SO if you have recently Celebrated a birthday in September or are about to then Happy Birthday!!!!

My Darling Hubby bought me a Fantastic little digital Camera which I am finding my way around...My 5 yr old however seems to have got the hang of it pretty easily...he took the above picture when I was on the phone gossiping to my girly!!  And the Beret I am wearing is from my friend the lovely Nana Maja who was actually listening rather more closley than I thought when I was telling her in passing one day that I always wanted a Raspberry beret...(the kind you find in the second hand store) Like the Prince song!! I also got my fave perfume from her also...wont tell you what it is but its sweet and smell like blackberries and vanilla!!
My Honorary Brother and his beautiful Girlfriend ( I do strongly suspect that actually she had more to do with the picking)  bought this cutie patootie Hairdryer which is not only Cute as a button but the perfect size for my new fringe that my lil sis kindly cut for me!!!

 My Sister got me this gorgeous monsoon bag which somehow goes with anything I'm wearing!!!!
My Newlywed Dad and his wife sent me this lovely bracelet which I'm sure I'll have fun collecting beads for!!!

I also got money from my Mum & Her fiance and also from my Cousin so I got myself a nice pair of boots and a checked shirt as a treat!! Some tickets to Swan Lake from my Girly, some gorgeous Lush goodies from another of my Girlies and My Sis in law bought me the last 2 books in the twilight series so that had me captured for a while there!! OMG!! Breaking DAWN is AMAZING!!!!!! Loved every single moment of it...did not want it to end!!
SO I  also got more lovely pressies and cards too but If I post them all then you'll be here all day!!! But I am very Blessed!!
Will leave you with a picture of me and My soon to be 6 yr old lil man Aidy...who has started a new trend of making strange faces at the camera ( unbeknown to me) and then cracking up when he sees the result!! It kinda makes me giggle too!!!!
Back soon with some recent commisions x 
Annie xx

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Calling all crafters......keeping it in the handmade community

Just a quick post to let you know that we are after handmade sleeves, gloves, scarves, hats, legwarmers or even brooches that we can use on our Autumn winter Vintage,Thrifted & Refashioned photoshoot in the next couple of weeks.We will post a direct link to your shop website fanpage so that anyone visiting who would like to buy one of your items can do so! Hey its all FREE advertising!!! haha!!
We will only need to borrow them for a week or so till all clothing is shot and then send them back safely to you. If you are interested then please send a link or email to me and I can give you more details about colour etc x Would like to keep it handmade in our crafting family we have created x x
Please feel free to pass it on to someone you think may be interested!!
Thanks in advance x
Annie xx

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Well Summer hols are over!Aidy is back to school, I have a new painted blue kitchen, celebrated being another year older (32 on friday 3rd) minus an infected tooth,minus 5 little kitties and I finally have a new camera!!! ( oh and a fringe!!!)
Will catch you up on some pics and more details when I get my orders finished!!!
So until then pop over to the blog shop where you can grab yourself a bargain from as little as £2.99!!!!
AS you can guess from the title, the items are one offs so its run on a first emailed first served basis!!!
Seeya soon!!
Annie xx

Will leave you my lil man who has made me belly laugh, tired me out, ate me out of house and home and driven me crazy all at the same time over the last 6 weeks!!! will miss my Aidy now hes back to school...especially our deep and meaningful convos about Ben 10 and Peppa Pigs life over cocpops and pink milk xxxx