Tuesday, 14 September 2010

She wore a Raspberry Beret.......

Well Thought I'd get round to showing you a few of my pretty Birthday Pressies!! Seems a lot of my fellow bloggers are September Babies also (which probably explains a collective love for Autumn which I see so many posts celebrating!!) SO if you have recently Celebrated a birthday in September or are about to then Happy Birthday!!!!

My Darling Hubby bought me a Fantastic little digital Camera which I am finding my way around...My 5 yr old however seems to have got the hang of it pretty easily...he took the above picture when I was on the phone gossiping to my girly!!  And the Beret I am wearing is from my friend the lovely Nana Maja who was actually listening rather more closley than I thought when I was telling her in passing one day that I always wanted a Raspberry beret...(the kind you find in the second hand store) Like the Prince song!! I also got my fave perfume from her also...wont tell you what it is but its sweet and smell like blackberries and vanilla!!
My Honorary Brother and his beautiful Girlfriend ( I do strongly suspect that actually she had more to do with the picking)  bought this cutie patootie Hairdryer which is not only Cute as a button but the perfect size for my new fringe that my lil sis kindly cut for me!!!

 My Sister got me this gorgeous monsoon bag which somehow goes with anything I'm wearing!!!!
My Newlywed Dad and his wife sent me this lovely bracelet which I'm sure I'll have fun collecting beads for!!!

I also got money from my Mum & Her fiance and also from my Cousin so I got myself a nice pair of boots and a checked shirt as a treat!! Some tickets to Swan Lake from my Girly, some gorgeous Lush goodies from another of my Girlies and My Sis in law bought me the last 2 books in the twilight series so that had me captured for a while there!! OMG!! Breaking DAWN is AMAZING!!!!!! Loved every single moment of it...did not want it to end!!
SO I  also got more lovely pressies and cards too but If I post them all then you'll be here all day!!! But I am very Blessed!!
Will leave you with a picture of me and My soon to be 6 yr old lil man Aidy...who has started a new trend of making strange faces at the camera ( unbeknown to me) and then cracking up when he sees the result!! It kinda makes me giggle too!!!!
Back soon with some recent commisions x 
Annie xx


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! You have had some lovely things. Love the crazy little man, you could drown in those eyes!

Pennyblossoms said...

Gorgeous gifts for a gorgeous girl! A very belated Happy Birthday, hun.
I think I must've un-followed you at some point (doh!), but have put my name back on the list...if you'll have me!!
Z xx

♥coco rose♥ said...

Happy Birthday my lovely! Gorgeous gifts and lovely pics! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Florence and Mary said...

What fabulous pressies!

I love your beret too,

Victoria xx

Ivy Black said...

A lovely birthday haul....brilliant beret! What a sweetie your little man is.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hey! Good Looking! Happy Birthday - love the Rasp~berry Beret!!!! xxx

Bird Cages said...

Wish you a happy birthday belated. i just found your blog. Bird Cages is a gift for you from my side.

Annie said...

Happy birthday Annie, what fab presents. You look beautiful in your lovely new beret.
Ann x

Lululiz said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!!!

You got some fabulous pressies, love that hairdryer, and the beret, well, thats just too cute.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Hope you had a fab day, sounds like you did :-) Love that last piccy :-)

Thecraftytrundler said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday & loads of pressies!
The beret really suits you, and love your son's addition to the pic!! Typical boy!!!

Sharon xx

Kelly said...

Happy birthday!! You know i have been singing that song today coz i found a green beret I had forgotten about!!! (don't ask!!)