Monday, 30 November 2009

Free Gift offer for Blogshop orders!

 Hello!! Well haven't been gone that long but its the time of year to be swamped with endless jobs, cleaning, volunteering, orders, designs ...blah blah blah!!!
So I've still got lots to add to the blogshop ( the photo editing is really killing me!!)  but thought I would give you a heads up that I am hoping to have all of the stock added by the Weekend and to celebrate my opening I thought I would have a little offer too!!

I still have Vintage Lace to add and also mini digital art designs in charm and Keyring form ( great little stocking filler or teachers gift!!) I also have some very reasonable charm style pendants teamed with Swarovski Crystals Starting from as Little as £8.00!!!!!
So if you spend more than £5 I will be adding one of these little decoupaged Pretties too!

 They hang on Clear elastic and have a lovely weight to them also!
You are welcome to visit the blog shop now but keep your eyes peeled for more stock to be added towards the end of the week!

Thanks for reading guys! and BIG LOVE TO ALL!!
Annie x

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Little Break..not for long

Just a quick note to you lovely peeps that I am taking a short break from blogging for a week or so so I can catch up with Orders, Swaps and work on the blogshop...feel free to visit through my profile although I will be having a grand opening day with an opening discount just in time for payday!!! I'm still contactable through Facebook and E-mail so please feel free to contact me with any orders or queries
I'll leave you with my dream Christmas Cottage
Seeya soon xx
Annie x

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Watermill Antiques- LOTS of pretties

Hello Again!

LOTS of pics in this post! This is Watermill Antiques, Set in Barton Le Clay in Bedfordshire with a surrounding Duck pond and shopping village with fab restaraunt..its a lovely place to visit!
Something keeps drawing me back to this place as I have been connected to it in some form or other.

  I used to love to visit and the first place I ever rented to sell my Handmade gifts were in the gallery just by the top hand right window at the top front of the mill....I then worked in the Fantasy Crafts who were at the time in there...then they moved just down the road and Watermill Antiques moved in and I now stock some of my products in there! I was once told by a very spiritual person that it would feature in my future and that it has!!
So heres some pics of the lovely treasures in there....( some you may recognise!!!!)
Pretty sparklies!!

 hmmm seen those before...can't think where???!!!

Fine looking Top hat...

 A trunk full of vintage eiderdowns and Quilts...

  Stacks of suitcases...
Birdcage and Chairs...

Blocks Against a Gorgeous Chandelier that...

...Looks Amazing when Lit!!.

A Beautiful painted glass screen..swoon...

My little decoupaged box holding some pearly treasures...

And My FAVE, the french enamel Chandelier...SO PRETTY!!!

And thats just downstairs...Upstairs hold Emmas sparkly Vintage and retro Boutique, the most glittery and spangly collection with some amazing  Vintage hats and Accessories too!

LOVE LOV E LOVE these Sparkly shoes

( did I ever mention that I had pale pink glittered 7 inch platforms under my Wedding dress??) 
And then theres also Dawn with Vintage Delightz

some fab lil numbers and Accessories

How much would you love to rummage through that Rail?? 
So lots of yumminess under one roof...If you ever in the area please pop in for a visit and tell them Annie sent ya! Heres the link to the Olde Watermill Shopping Village and when you've finished then pop into Fantasy Crafts to have a play and a cuppa while you are in the area!!
Back to work on my  blog shop now!! Back with more details!!
Annie x

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Festive lights & Fellow Crafters

Well thought I would post some pics of the switching of the lights in our Town..nothing spectacular but Aidy and his friend loved sitting on their daddies shoulders and Screaming for their superstar...the Honey monster!! needless to say I was nowhere to be seen when he was about ( see here for explanation) Stavros Flatley from Britains got talent fame were also there..although all we could see of them looking up to the Town hall window were their Bare bellies!! Tee hee!!

There was also a little craft fair there which was ..erm interesting to say the least ( lots of cheap cards, wood turning products and Tombolas)..there was one GREAT stall however which compensated completely!
Naomi had a lovely stall and a business with the BEST name!!

How cool is that!!

She had made some Fab Button Earrings  which were displayed so Cutely...Is that a word?

and some GORGEOUS handmade Bunnies in the cutest fabrics!

And how reasonable are her prices too? I had to of course bag me a bargain in the form of...

She has a great website and I wanted to to support a fellow local Bedfordshire Crafter!
Will be back soon with a LOT of pictures from the Watermill Antiques where some of my stock is sold
I have also decided to open a blogshop until I get my website sorted next year...Thanks to all for your orders and all of your helpful advice and best wishes..MUCHLY appreciated!!
Until next time x
Annie x

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Vintage Blocks- Christmas edition

Been another busy week catching up with outstanding orders and making stock for shops etc! Finally sending out the prizewinners gifts too!!
This week I have also designed a Christmas themed version of the Vintage blocks to count down the days in December!
These are made to order and are £9.99 the same price as the other style..

Here's some pics!!

I was thinking about opening a temporary blog shop to make it easier to sell goods from until my Website is ready...what d'ya think? I would appreciate any advice that experienced blog sellers can give me...please feel Free to comment or E-mail me peeps x
Oh and can I also apologise for my lack of commenting on all your lovely blogs..I do get to have a quick scan but I really need to sit down and have a Proper Catch up so I can give my full attention to them x ( I haven't even opened my subscribed copy of country living yet!!) Will def put some time aside with a cuppa to catch up next week...ITS A DATE!!
Thanks for all your lovely comments and will be back soon xx
Annie x

Monday, 9 November 2009

Success at the Vintage Fair!

Well I have had a busy weekend!! So this is the first chance for me to post about the Fantastic Vintage Fair Saturday.
After a slight delay we Got there and set up stall!! The time flew away and before I knew it. 12 noon had arrived and there was a queue of people waiting to come and see all of our treasures!
I didn't STOP!! I was waiting for a lull to go and scan everyone else's treasures but it didn't come!! I managed to sneak away for a scan of the stalls at about 3.20pm!! It was so BUSY!!
SO I didn't even get a chance to take pics! Luckily my mum managed to take a few but I hadn't finished setting up properly yet but you can get the idea!!

Birdcages and Butterflies.....

Well that was my stall and as you can see I still had more to put on!! This was my Mums Sew Lolly..It looked fantastic!

I love the embroidered things..and have just ordered a Christmas cushion from her in duck egg blue and Red cottage scene with Pickett fencing! Cant wait to see it!!
The Whole day was buzzing and I was so impressed by the efforts that Ann and Debbie had put into the day, the success is really down to their hard work and I tell you it really did pay off!
So as I didn't get a chance to take any pics at all but managed to arrange a lovely lil swap to get a gorgeous button heart decoration from 2 lovely ladies who had a stall there their company was called Spots and Stripes...time to get a blog ladies to show off those gorgeous treasures you make!!! Their e-mail address is
Sharon from Clover Cottage was an Absolute sweetheart and lovely to talk to! She took some great pics of all the stalls so go and have a nosey as she has details of most of the traders there..Including Lindsey of Elsie Sparrow who's stall was just FANTASTIC!! ( I bought some Gorgeous Mirrors and a Spud gun as a stocking filler for Aidy too ( Which i may live to regret just yet!!)

What was also Fantastic was meeting some lovely peeps from Blog land! There was Lovely Wendy from Ticking Stripes who gave me some dried Hydrangeas from her mothers garden which I will be including in a future project! Ann was amazing and did work so hard as well as Debbie did also they were both Fantastic and I felt as if I had known them for years!! Lovely Family too!!
Thanks so much for all your hard work x

SO a huge Success and a really lovely Day...Hope you are hosting another in the spring...I'll definately be there!!
Annie xx
P.S If you are the Lady who bought the printers tray please E-mail with your address because the Large O tile was hiding on the table and came home with me!