Monday, 26 October 2009

Over whelmed and 7 random facts about me....

Well WOW Blog and Net friends!! can't believe how many of you have entered my giveaway!! Thanks so much!!It blows me away that you even wanna enter to win my lil ole blocks!! Had tons of entries so far and my little vintage tin of entries is filling up fast!!

The thing I am MOST chuffed about is the fact that I have felt a warmth of loyalty from my blog friends and found new peeps and blogs that I may have never found before now...I do try to reply to all who comment or if its from a no reply email than try to visit your blog to 'have a nosey'!!
SO there is one week left to enter! I have decided to close this on Monday evening (Edited to add: this means Monday the 2nd November) so if you haven't already then don't be shy, please go and visit the post!!
So I have been busy making stock to take to the Vintage and Homemade fair in November! there will be a preview post with some advanced look at stock that you may want to buy before hand and collect on the day and also will be posting a 10% voucher for my stall to print off for anyone who decides to come and visit us!! My Mum has been very busy too for her stall- Sew Lolly designs and she has some gorgeous gifts and goodies for the home at very reasonable prices too...I have sneaked some pictures so will show you some of that soon too!!
I also have an award to collect!!
Thanks to this lovely lady Kelly from Recipes For Life who has kindly awarded me this

The rules of the award are:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you
2. Copy the logo and post it on your blog
3. Link to the person that nominated you
4. Name 7 things about you that no one would really know

OK so 7 things that no one will really know..hmmmmm I'm pretty much an open book so I'll try and be a bit more random!!

1)OK....I lived in Australia for a year when I was 21-22.....
It was the best thing I ever did as I am a real home girl but seeing that side of the world opened my eyes to how beautiful new places could be
2) I am scared of Spiders and...people dressed up in those big character costumes!!

I know a bit random but they freak me out completely..even pudsey bear...if I see one my hands go clammy and my heart starts racing!! funnily enough though Disney characters would be fine!!
3) I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan!!

This has now been transferred to my son also who loves Harry too! I am saving my pennies to visit the new Potter theme park in America!! Sigh... one day Annie!!
4 ) I am United Nations!

With my colouring and eye/hair colour I often get mistaken for Asian ( Indian) but Actually in my family I have...Dutch, Portuguese, French, Scottish, English and a lil German blood too! unfortunately I only speak English..what a shame :~(
5) I had a pierced tongue!!!
When I was 19 I decided to have my tongue pierced...very random for me but I loved it and had to take it out for my job as it just wasn't 'professional' enough! I used to change the ball to different coloured jewels to match my outfit!!
6) My wedding Dress was PINK!!

I had my wedding dress made for me in Australia by the most kind and lovely designer called Lesley, she made it in a pale shell pink for me and even dyed the tulle for my veil the slightest shade of pink to match....when I got back to England My mum and I beaded and adorned the dress with crystal and glass beads while we sat on her bed catching up about the year we had been apart.
7) OK another piercing confession.....

I had both my tregus pierced..they are the nobbly bit in between your face and ear! I got it done as my best friend just trained as a piercer and I wanted her to pierce me...It hurt like Hell!! I don't wear the bars in them any more but still have the holes..

Nothing too shocking I hope!!
I have decided not to pass this on but give it to all of you I really can't pick at the mo cause you all are amazing x
Take care and back with some stock previews!
Annie x


koralee said...

Just found you...a wee late for your giveaway...which looked like so much fun! I need to do one of those soon...I think I may need to have a Christmas giveaway! Your blog is lovely and so happy to have found you. Happy week!

Florence and Mary said...

Great to find out some more about you and know not to wear a big chicken suit should we ever meet!

Victoria xx

MelMel said...

Some interesting things about you!
I love the pink dress...and I too am a H.Potter fan!
I love the books and films!xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Thank you for sharing those random things about you!! I loved your wedding derss!!
I love your eyes too!! They are very kind eyes!! I agree with Florence and Mary though, I'd skip the chicken outfit if I ever met you!! What about angels though!!!


Nads said...

Edward is terrified of dressed up characters too so I can sympathise with your phobia. Nice random facts, Annie ;o) xx

Lindsey @ Better After said...

Hi Annie!
I just posted your birdcage redo over on my blog! Thanks so much, and be sure to grab my button!

Kelly said...

You are certainly beautiful! Your mix is working for you :)
Great to find out more about you :)

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx

Carol said...

Hi Annie, I think you would have had even more entries if people had seen your wonderful blocks in the "flesh".

I was so very pleased with the two sets I purchased from you. I first thought I would by a set for a gift but I knew there was a chance I would like them too much to give away so I ordered 2 sets - right decision!!!

Carol xx

Carol said...

and thank you for sharing those random facts........ you looked even more beautiful on your wedding day.

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Hi Annie, Thanks for sharing those facts about yourself. Your wedding dress was so pretty. Can't wait to see your stall next weekend especially those blocks of yours.

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