Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Looking forward to the New Year!

Well 2010 is fast approaching...For once I have no Expectations! I only hope to be doing a lot of new things and hoping that a lot of new opportunities and people arrive into my Life....Maybe a new addition to the family? Will have to work on that one?!!! 
I am keeping myself Open to whatever comes my way!
I would like to say a big Thankyou to you for Reading my ramblings this year...My stray into posting in Blog land has been successful for me and the blog shop have been well received....Thanks so much for your support x
I was thinking of prizes for the 100 Followers giveaway and gonna have to make it a biggun i think....without it weighing a huge amount as I always think it fair to open it to Followers from across the seas as well as the UK! But ALAS!!! AS I went to write this post to wish you all well...I saw that I now only have 99 Followers! BOOOHOOOO!! Hopefully someone else will decide to click on follow and the Giveaway can go ahead in the New Year!!!!
Please please E-mail me with some suggestions in regards to Prizes....Would one of the Vintage style Necklaces go down well? How about the blocks? ( or are you sick of em now??) LOL!!!
My camera needs batteries so will post some pics of the fab pressies I got in the New year xxx

Annie x

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Just a little note to say a huge Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
Thought this Picture summed up what I wish for you all...No not a Cheeky 5 yr old sticking his tongue out...but being so excited playing in the snow that all your worries disappear and Sticking your tongue out to the people who only wish to bring you down! ENJOY!
Love to all
Annie xx

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas time in London

Thanks for Joining me this Christmas on our annual trip to London! Its become a tradition for Me and my Lil Sis ( yes I will be still calling her this even when we are old and grey!) to take the Day off, wrap up warm and jump on a train to 'The Big Smoke'!!
So we start our day in Covent Garden....this is what you see first as you jump off the Tube...
ITS A HUGE REINDEER!! oh and twinkling too!!
Take a couple of Cheesy pics acting like complete tourists!
Then head off to the beautifully decorated Market where you find some beautiful treasures and little shops with novelty items and handmade pretties....

...like these gorgeous handpainted glass decorations

Heres the link to the Website its called Aramica and has lots of great gifts on there!! Def worth a visit!
Right peeps time to fuel up on Lunch, something hearty we have a long day ahead of us...What better than...

To be precise the most tastiest chicken and Bacon pie, with buttery mash and Sweet spiced red cabbage...Dont mention Calories..we will be burning those off oh and adding more of them too !!
Now its starting to Snow heavily so we have to jump on the tube and walk to get to..

A quick visit to the Mac shop to look at the sparkly make up oh and if you are my sis buy one too!!
Off to have a look in Libertys to the 4th floor Christmas Dept then down to have a look at the cutest Christmas windows!
The theme for this one is defintely patriotic! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!
( I'm a secret big fan of the royals..Tiara envy!)

Feel free to press your nose against the glass for a closer look...or just Click on the pics!!
The Fantastic Mr Fox..

The good old Days.... a British retro feel..

and the British Panto!
I believe these are the 2 ugly sisters?

Right Now off to Hamleys to play with the toys...
The stairwell is decorated with scenes from the magical world of Narnia with trees growing out of the walls!!

And thats my sister Laura that Mr Tumnas is talking to!!

Right now its time for a Gingerbread Latte in Starbucks, resting our legs and relaxing on the squashy sofas in the basement sitting room there away form the hustle and bustle of the Crowd
After playing with a few Glittery Mac Eyeshadows we'll head off down...

How Pretty are those Christmas lights?? Weaving in and out of the odd store we arrive for the finale in...

To find this magical scene awaiting us!!

Can you take a picture of us please?.......
EVERY Branch was lit up..wow

And we shunned the Carousel..as pretty as it was to Scream like Kids and make ourselves ill on the Waltzer instead!!!! HAHAHA!!

We now reach the conclusion of our Day out all we have left to do is the tradition of watching a Christmas Movie..In the past we have watched on the big screen..Love Actually, Christmas with the Cranks, The Holiday but this year we were watching this...

Definately worth watching..its very unscripted and real and we giggled all the way through!!
This is what we came back to....

Merry Christmas to all hope you join us again next year!!
Annie x

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Swap goodies & Thrifty finds!!!

Well I'm still not even close to finished yet! There's still presents to be wrapped, food to be bought and pressies to be swapped!
But I thought I would show you my Christmas gifts that  have been sent to me, some that I thrifted and some I have outright just bought for myself!!
Firstly Yes that Is a Beautiful Laura Ashley Birdcage in the picture above...The most generous Secret Santa sent it to me....as if that wasn't enough...look at what was hidden inside...

The most Gorgeous goodies all Butterfly themed!
Thankyou SO SO MUCH..Kelly...you are naughty for sending me goodies over the Limit..but It made my Day I tell you..Christmas came early for me!!!

I unfortunatly didnt take pics of the goodies I sent to Karen but she was enquiring after buying some blocks from me and I had already made some for her to send in the swap as she had entered my giveaway a few times..so I had to pull a sneaky and tell her I was waiting on a delivery of them!! TEEHEEE!! I put a few little vintage crafty bits in also and some chandelier crystals too.

So Onto the  Thrifted treasures...I took my friend to My secret Aladdins cave of treasures and we found some Bargains! She got a Fab heavy Jade green Colander for 10p! a 60's style magazine rack for 75p and sewing treasures in a gorgeous old tin for 50p!!
....I bought 2 of these handmade Cushions with zips for wait for it...50p each!! They were in fab condition and when I took them off the cushion I found ..

these inside..Hand crocheted slip covers! they were in a dusky shell pink and GORGEOUS!

I then found this old box whilst rummaging and happened to peek in and saw that it was full of buttons and bits and bobs! here are just some of them....

When asking how much they were they told us er you can have the lot for a pound! £1.00 Yep you read it right!! After sorting through we found some real pretty ones too including some mother of pearl pretties!

I also decided to bag myself a bargain from Ebay..this gorgeous Fair isle Cardigan was under a Tenner!!! Its brand new with tags too and arrived within 2 days with NO postage to pay!!!

So that my treasures...Come visit with me tomorrow and I'll take you on a a day out to London at Christmas Time! Until then..BYEEE XXXXX

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


As promised a giveaway is due...now all I need is your suggestions for a prize....nothing too big (size wise) as I would like to keep open for all overseas friends too! So something postable!!
all suggestions welcome please....I'll go with the general consensus!!!
Be back soon with a few thrifty finds and the mother of all Secret Santa gifts!! I hit the jackpot!!!
until then..lots of suggestions pretty pretty please!!
Annie xxxxxxxxxxxx
P.s Heres a pic of my little innkeeper..so proud of him..unfortunatly Mummy was blubbing from the first prayer!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Decs are up!!!

Well Thought I'd better do my show and tell christmas decoration post!!
We put up our Decs over the weekend just gone and had some friends over, watched Miracle on 34th St while crawling under the Narnia tree to decorate the back too...this is where Santas little 5 yr old helpers ( Aidy and his Friend Aisha) came in handy!!!
Growing up we always had fun picking a real tree out every year which 9 times out of 10 ended up with my Lil Sis having a tree fall on her!!! Good times!

When we lived in our flat I fell in love with an artificial tree which was a 7 footer!! I bought it with the viewpoint that we would have a house the next year we opened it...Needless to say it went up for 2 years in our flat before it found its way to our house. When it was in our flat I would have to leave the back branches off and take the bottom layer off too so that we could fit any pressies under it!!
So now this the 3rd Christmas in our Century old little house and my Tree is allowed all its bottom branches on and thanks to our lovely high ceilings we can put him on a little footstool and still have rooom for the star so that Aidy's santa train track can make its way around the bottom...until the noise drives me crazy that is!
So OK heres the pics..






I hope you've enjoyed putting your decs up! Can't wait to see all of your finished pretty houses too!
It does the make the sitting room a lot more cosy and enjoyable to sit in...Havn't done that in a while actually...going to enjoy it!!
Hugs to all
Annie x

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Thanks for Visiting!!

Hello peeps!
Just a quickie to say THANKYOU to all of you who have visited, commented and purchased from my Blogshop!
Surprisingly only one ONE -OFF item was sold but had LOTS of other Orders!!! YAY! Will be adding some little crystal earrings for £2.99 end of this week so might be an idea to add to a Christmas card for friends that you are not getting a main pressie for. ( ahem Lots of my friends are used to the earrings sent with their Greetings cards!! ) But hey you can never have enough earrings, I think!!!
Guess what sold the best??........TEEHEE!

So thanks again, will be back with some Chrimbo tree pics!!
Annie xx

Friday, 4 December 2009

Opening Weekend!!

Well I have Finally built up enough stock to open my blog shop! Please Go and have a nosey and let me know what you think..Your opinions would be MUCH appreciated! There are lots of reasonable pretties available some of which are ONE-OFFS! So will have to handle it on a  first come first served basis I suppose?? I think thats how these things work?
Theres quite a wide variety of styles and types of gifts being sold so thought I would show you a few examples here!






Thanks for all who have encouraged me to do this I hope you enjoy Visiting!!
Right I can Start decorating for Christmas FINALLY!!!! Will be back with Pics!
Enjoy your weekend
Annie xxxxx