Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas time in London

Thanks for Joining me this Christmas on our annual trip to London! Its become a tradition for Me and my Lil Sis ( yes I will be still calling her this even when we are old and grey!) to take the Day off, wrap up warm and jump on a train to 'The Big Smoke'!!
So we start our day in Covent Garden....this is what you see first as you jump off the Tube...
ITS A HUGE REINDEER!! oh and twinkling too!!
Take a couple of Cheesy pics acting like complete tourists!
Then head off to the beautifully decorated Market where you find some beautiful treasures and little shops with novelty items and handmade pretties.... these gorgeous handpainted glass decorations

Heres the link to the Website its called Aramica and has lots of great gifts on there!! Def worth a visit!
Right peeps time to fuel up on Lunch, something hearty we have a long day ahead of us...What better than...

To be precise the most tastiest chicken and Bacon pie, with buttery mash and Sweet spiced red cabbage...Dont mention Calories..we will be burning those off oh and adding more of them too !!
Now its starting to Snow heavily so we have to jump on the tube and walk to get to..

A quick visit to the Mac shop to look at the sparkly make up oh and if you are my sis buy one too!!
Off to have a look in Libertys to the 4th floor Christmas Dept then down to have a look at the cutest Christmas windows!
The theme for this one is defintely patriotic! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!
( I'm a secret big fan of the royals..Tiara envy!)

Feel free to press your nose against the glass for a closer look...or just Click on the pics!!
The Fantastic Mr Fox..

The good old Days.... a British retro feel..

and the British Panto!
I believe these are the 2 ugly sisters?

Right Now off to Hamleys to play with the toys...
The stairwell is decorated with scenes from the magical world of Narnia with trees growing out of the walls!!

And thats my sister Laura that Mr Tumnas is talking to!!

Right now its time for a Gingerbread Latte in Starbucks, resting our legs and relaxing on the squashy sofas in the basement sitting room there away form the hustle and bustle of the Crowd
After playing with a few Glittery Mac Eyeshadows we'll head off down...

How Pretty are those Christmas lights?? Weaving in and out of the odd store we arrive for the finale in...

To find this magical scene awaiting us!!

Can you take a picture of us please?.......
EVERY Branch was lit

And we shunned the pretty as it was to Scream like Kids and make ourselves ill on the Waltzer instead!!!! HAHAHA!!

We now reach the conclusion of our Day out all we have left to do is the tradition of watching a Christmas Movie..In the past we have watched on the big screen..Love Actually, Christmas with the Cranks, The Holiday but this year we were watching this...

Definately worth watching..its very unscripted and real and we giggled all the way through!!
This is what we came back to....

Merry Christmas to all hope you join us again next year!!
Annie x


Florence and Mary said...

What a fabulous day out you and your lil sis had together.

Isn't Covent Garden wonderful at this time of year

Victoria xxx

Cally's Cottage said...

What a lovely post and what a lovely day out!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your little sis!
Warm Wishes,

Lululiz said...

What a brilliant day! Thanks for taking me along on your trip.
Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the New Year Celebrations.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahhhh what an absolutely fantastic day, I loved all the photos & you & your sister are sooooo pretty together.
Merry Christmas sweet pea.
lots of love

Carol said...

Wonderful pictures. Thank you for a great trip to London!

The Fancy Lady said...

im so completely jealous of your day!
i miss london so much i feel like i had found a home there i wish i could be there for christmas everything looks so beautiful.
Great pics and you 2 look so pretty!

Kelly said...

Looks like a fun day!
I love Convent Garden :)
oh and such pretty girls you two are!!!

Dogmom Diva said...

Annie, what a wonderful tour of London at Christmas..have been to London once, while on a cruise so only spent a few hours there, would love to come back and spend more's on my list of things to do.