Friday, 28 August 2009

Posted pretties!!

Been hectic this end as usual!! But in the midst of the madness came some lovely surprises!!!
My Smashed Teapot replacement arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the teacups were actually dainty little coffee cups! I also had a salt and pepper shaker set too!!!
Made my day!! Here's the coffee cup and teacup that I already had!
So then the next day..I received a lovely package of goodies from Dolly! As I swooned over her ladybird Magnets and her over my party ring salt dough ornament, we decided to do a swap!! but I was not expecting this lovely stash of pretties!!
JACKPOT!!! Love love love it all!! Love the Magnets...especially the little mice! Just looking at these took me straight back to my childhood...oh those days when I had not a care in the world and the only decisions I had to make were which Ladybird book to read!!! Of course i always came back to this book...CINDERELLA!She had 3 lovely dresses in this book all were ones I dreamed of wearing! So when I saw this lovely page for me to frame I was over the moon!!! How Pretty?!!!
SO as I have been getting these lovely pressies to open my Lil boy has been getting a tad when my 4yr old Aidan saw the sweeties he was over the moon too!!! I managed to grab a lemon sherbet before they were all devoured!!!
Cant...quite ..get into this one...mummy.....
A cheeky Wink ( well his version of one!!) For Dolly who has now converted my lil boy into a sherbet lemon addict!!Thanks Hunny for this lovely swap..yours is now FINALLY in the post with a little picture of you drawn by Aidy to express his thanks!!!
Another thank you goes to all of you who posted lovely comments about my Mum's sewing pretties...she read them and asked me to thank you all, its great to hear such lovely feedback xx
So off now to tidy up as we are having a bbq over the weekend to celebrate my Birthday next week...If I am not too worse for wear I might get to post some pics!!
Hope you all have a great weekend xxxx
Annie x

Monday, 24 August 2009

Lessons, Wish lists and Weddings

Bit of a mixed bag post as, as you know if you have read previous posts I do multitask my work Quite often!! So this weekend has been a bit of a hectic one really..My Mum came down for a visit which was lovely, she lives a couple of hours away from me and with her she bought some lovely fresh homegrown veggies and a few more of her handmade sewing pretties too! Unfortunately the Batteries in my Camera ran out before I could snap them all...but managed to get my fave pretty though!
This is waiting for the right button to be sewn on in the middle but is still lovely as it is and doesn't it look fab on my comfy chair?? I was secretly hoping Mum would 'forget ' to take this home with her!!This is a double bedspread made with the same vintage rose fabric, a gorgeous duck egg blue and beige linen too.....LOVE IT, the bedspreads have a nice weight to them too, so snuggling under it whilst reading my book would just be heaven!!
There was lots more including some great Union jack cushions and more heart cushions one with a nice pocket in to store your fave book or P.J's or the remote control too!!
Lorraine ( mum) Will be selling her handmade pretties at the vintage and homemade fair on 7th November ( see the link in the sidebar for more info)

Also on Saturday I had one of my lovely brides visit for a make-up trial in readiness for the big day in September, she has a colour scheme of Ivory and Claret and is having her wedding in a lovely Manor all that's left now are the Order of services and the Table Plan and then those fiddly little bits! She has chosen one of my birdcages to hold her cards and it will be adorned with claret Paper roses! Here's the invitation she chose ( excuse the poor quality of pic) It was A5 in size and Hammer effect Ivory card with Dark red wired organza ribbon
I obviously blanked out the details as I'm sure she wont want any gatecrashers HAHAHA!!
SO then on Sunday I went to the Craft haven ~Fantasy Crafts in Barton to teach a tiara class. It was great fun and we had 2 lovely ladies who were taking a beginners class but were absolute naturals! I had the Lovely Lisa who wanted to make a Tiara to go with a Red Ball dress that she has hidden away in her Wardrobe! As you can she she chose different shades of Red CrystalsThen after laying them out on the bead board and after some guidance and practice of wire work and some techniques Lisa started the assembly of her Tiara!After actually a short time the tiara had finished and Lisa made her first pair of earrings and pendant too!! Modelled beautifully in the pic below!! ( thanks for being a great Pupil Lisa, looking forward to booking the next class)
Fantasy Crafts is such a fab place to work, Its different to other craft shops as there is room for you to drop in for a cuppa and a biccie and play with any type of crafts you can think of! Each area has a table to sit and try something out and there is always a talented person who can show you a few tricks too! Its also a great place to take the kiddies when they wanna experiment, There's aprons and the mess doesn't end up in your home!! For more details just contact Yola on 01582 885727/
Here's a few pics of a few of the rooms including the party room ( which I would have Loved to live in!)
Well this post has already got far too long already So I'll leave you with this request for some advice!!
Its my birthday on the 3rd September and have been asked to make a wish list but for some reason when I have an opportunity like this my mind goes blank!! I'd love a handmade bag, retro vintage style of course!! I love a bit of Laura and Cath, and Crystal please please can you send me either some ideas or some websites for me to have a look at so I can compile some ideas!!!
Thanks oh gorgeous ones...until next time
Annie x
P.S Love Love Love all the comments it really makes my day to read them...and Carol your comment really touched me thanks for talking the time to share

Friday, 21 August 2009

Inspiration & Random thoughts

DO you ever have those realisation moments when you see how the everyday things you always thought were pretty inspires you? Well I was going through some old photos of some of my products and had this very thought!
SO I thought I'd show you a little bit of how things around you can creep into your thoughts and your designs!!
I think you can guess where I took inspiration from for the salt dough biscuit ornaments!! They look yum but had to keep these pretties high so that little ones didn't try and nibble!! Salt flour and pva glue does NOT taste very nice!!!

I love Winged things like these little pretties
so here's how they have influenced my designs!!
Since reading Enid Blyton's Tales of the Faraway Tree, the woods and forests are places I love to spend time in especially in the Autumn time ( although watching Blair Witch Project kinda spoilt it a little for me!!) and these little Toadstools are what I always look for but never find!! but this inspired a wreath which would look great in a kitchen!
Feathers are just beautiful especially peacock ones, this headpiece was designed for a bridesmaid of one of my brides and had diamantes adorning the base stem
Roses are a Fave of mine too especially in pastel or muted colours so these ones are made from paper so they last forever and has a hint of sparkle too them too...of course! I have some attached to fairy lights and my birdcage and also used bigger versions on my Christmas tree last year too!
So other random thoughts this week are......

...where do those objects that you know you have but just can't find go??? I have looked everywhere for this item for hours now and have seen it recently but just don't remember where?? and the thing is I WILL find it...after I don't actually need it any more!! Its like a mean trick that is played on you!! Maybe if I was more like Anthea Turner and had a place for everything this wouldn't happen....but that will never be so will just have to keep looking!!!!

....Why is it that its always YOUR things that end up getting broken and smashed? My Vintage teapot was smashed to smithereens yesterday by my 4yr old boys football, I was livid and he was devastated cause he knew how much I loved my china and also knew he is not allowed to play footie in the house either!!!
I'm gutted because it was the first thing I bought with my wages when I started working again and you don't usually find a coffee pot by itself but I have found the whole set for a reasonable price on E-bay which I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will win!!! ( at least I'll have spares too!)
Do these things happen to you?
Hope you have a great weekend x
Annie x
Edited to add- I WON!!! 21 piece set including a salt and pepper set that I never had before too!!! YAY!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


HELLO!!! I am so very touched to receive my first ever Blog award, kindly given by Ann from Vintage at the Corner house.
So firstly, In true Hollywood style...I'm first going to blub like a baby ( natch!) and then take this opportunity to say a HUGE Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read my random thoughts! This means all of you from Facebook that click on my link every week..(I do notice!!) And also everyone in blog land who have made me feel so welcome and followed or visited to really makes me feel very lucky and special.

SO now I have to list my 5 current obsessions and award some other fantastic bloggers also...

1) Birdcages
Of course!! Hence the name of the blog and my birdcage obsession post!!
I can't get enough of them! Don't ask me why cause I really have No idea!!

2)Treasure Hunting
I mean the kind of treasure you find in Charity shops or car boot sales! I get such a kick out of finding those little pretties for pennies!

3) Growing things!
I have only now learnt how to actually put a plant in the ground!! I have grown my first crop of veggies this year and love using my homegrown herbs in my cooking!!

I LOVE AUTUMN! Could be cause I was born in September? But I have always loved the colours and climates of this season, it also means that Christmas..( another obsession of mine is just around the corner!) at the moment all I am doing is making my place cosy with Blankets and cushions awaiting arrival of the season

5) 'Zoning' out
I go through phases of needing to take some time out now and again due to my hectic work schedule and being a full time mummy, so when I need to escape I have recently been listening to my MP3 player, which consists of so many different types of music, from R&B to Norah Jones
I also love to read home magazines and also love reading books which I haven't actually had the chance to do for a while but have ordered a couple of books so looking forward to that!!

I pass this award onto some blogs I really enjoy reading ( 2 of my faves has already received this award, Laura from My vintage party and Ann who nominated me!!)

so here goes..drum roll..

Florence & Mary
Country In The Town
Treasure Happy
Pretty Vintage
At Home with Mel Mel

I could on forever as I really do Enjoy reading your blogs too! Actually why wasn't that one of my Obsessions?? DOH!!

Thanks again Ann, You have made my day xxxx
Annie x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Vintage style bargains

Did a spot more of shopping over the weekend and came up with some alternative cheaper versions of the pretties I desire ( but can't really afford!!)
After reading one of my fave blogs Clover Cottage the lovely crafty trundler kindly pointed us in the direction of Focus for these lovely Cath Kidston inspired vintage floral wallpaper! You can find the post here
Where as the lovely C.K Wallpaper is £22 a roll, this version is a winner at just £5 a roll!!
They had a large blue Floral, cream small floral and blue small floral, so I got one of each!! Not actually planning to put it anywhere as I cannot convince Hubby :~S But have lots of projects planned with it!!
Luxury/ Budget
So then when I found this was in the sale I was overjoyed as I have had my eye on this for ages, but didn't need it but really wanted it!! This is a double bedspread from Matalan, it was £30 full price but I found it at 50% Off at £15!!! Its lovely and thick and has great detail on it and it really was a bargain at its original price seeing as the green gate version in the pic below is £130!!

Luxury/ Budget
This was a buy from my last shopping expedition which i forgot to post, I've been after a polka dot purse for a while and nearly picked up one up in Cath Kidston in St Ives this year but the price did unfortunately stop me :~( ... So when I saw this in Evans for £3, I was feeling a bit smug!! This is big enough to hold all your cash, as well as your credit cards, mobile phone and a lippy in the front pocket!!
Luxury/ Budget
SO those were my bargains!! Here's some more that I found in the great car boot today! a handmade pretty in a frame- which will be painted!! A Capodimonte Rose and a knitted pretty blanket perfect for Autumn for just £1!!

So here's a question for you experts...the knitted blanket has a few marks on it and needs a wash before snuggling into it when the weather turns....How do I do it without ruining it? All help much appreciated!!
Hope you had a great weekend,
Annie x

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Shopping goodies!!

I took the afternoon off yesterday to do a bit of child free shopping! 4 year old boys and a busy shopping centre never really turns out very well so this was the only way for a bit of peace!!
Started out looking for bras, but got sidetracked in Primarni ( primark!!)
Now being a plus size Gal and the way their clothes tend to fit not very generously, I was chuffed to find this Cute as a button lightweight top for £3.50 that fit very nicely, will be great for autumn!
Also found this Boyfriend Blazer which was cotton soft and comfy as a cardie but just a tad smarter! Perfect for cardigan weather...when your outfit is asking for something smarter!!
Had to get these little pretties impulse buys but can afford to do that in Primark!! A bit of Bling, some comfy slipper socks and a cupcake mug!!

Also in town, I got this gorgeous Cornflower Blue cardigan which matched a dress that I had perfectly..not so much of a bargain but still in the sale at £20
and some pretty bras, Pink and lacy with little blue bows...and silky with polka dots!! HOW CUTE??

Went to an Ann Summers party in the evening which was SO much fun!! They had some fantastic lingerie in their new catalogue..very burlesque! I'm not going to share with you what I bought!!!!! A girls gotta keep some secrets!!!! ;~)
Have a fantastic weekend!!!
Annie x

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sending My Teasures out

Well Today I am sending some of my treasures out to be ( hopefully) snapped up and be loved in someone Else's home. I always feel a little nervous saying goodbye to them as part of me thinks Will they sell?
I try and change things up a little and revamp my stock in Brighter colours as I would love but then find that simpler is best...Its not about what I like but about what sells I suppose!
Well here's the products I bid farewell to today to be sold in Hitchin Antique and Collectors Market tomorrow morning...

Some of you have seen these pre 'face lift' in my car boot treasure post
but also included is a lovely old china plate rack with hanging rail some ironwork wall sconces and some gorgeous Candlesticks given a glossy coat of cream with a slightly aged finish.
This Lovely cabinet had the worst paint job in the world!! Took an age to sand but think it was well worth it as I love it so much now that I don't really want to part with it!! Inside the little drawer is Laura Ashley wallpaper and Eau de nil paint.

This was another pretty find, was originally a Bright baby blue all over which cheapened it but now is a tad tamer with antiqued ivory and my Birdcage digital art!!

Also going on its travels are my vintage postcard frames and musical Birdcage!!
Hopefully they'll all find a home soon!!
Just a little note to say Thank you to all the lovely peeps that take the time to comment still on my really DOES make my day xxxxx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

How to......

....Transform a simple frame into a vintage style treasure!!
Hello! As I'm trying to multitask a gazillion jobs at the mo, I have nothing specific to show today so thought I would share some secrets!!
You can do this projects with stuff everyone has lying about in their cupboard,

A vintage style postcard or picture
2 tester paint pots in contrasting colours
Pva white glue
Wax candle
unfinished wood frame

Start with one of these

Give it a coat with one base colour...I've picked cherry red!!

When dry, take a candle and rub around the edges of the frame, where you would see natural wear and tear
If that's the only distress look you want then skip the next step!!

To get a cracked paint look, don't spend lots of money on Crackle glazes, just thin down some PVA white glue with some water and brush on where you would like the paint to crackle...I've painted all down the middle of the frame. The thicker you apply it the bigger the cracks I like to do a bit of a mix!!

When they glue is still tacky but not Wet...paint over your top coat quite thickly but be careful not to paint over and over the same place or your crackles wont show..I've used Pale Eau de nil

The crackles will start to show through as it dries. You then take a scrap of sandpaper or a scraper and lightly scrape away at where you applied the wax, mainly around the edges

Then at this point you can leave as is or dab on some different coloured paint to tone the colours of the picture in..I've used some light blue and dabbed it around. You can also Age it by mix a little brown paint with water and dabbing that with some cotton wool around the edges of the frame to dirty it up a bit....its all about what you prefer though!!

And there we have it!! These would work nicely with the keep calm postcards or maybe a particular birthday card that you cant bear to throw away.
If you do try this please post pics I'd love to see!!! Hope it was helpful
Annie x

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Revamps, Relaxing & Randoms!!

Spent this weekend doing all sorts really so I thought I would post a bit of randomness!!
Me and Aidy were so excited to see the first 'fruits' Or Veggies actually had started to appear and grow big!!
The Pepper is supposed to be Red..not sure if its gonna turn or not or when to pick it really, I only just learnt how to plant this spring!! We had a Garden full of 6ft stinging nettles when we moved in 2 years ago and only now is it starting to resemble a garden!!
So the pepper was grown from a seedling and the Pumpkin from Seed!! YAY!!

Have also Done a few's a few of them... the first an Old wooden tray given a new lease of Life

Then a few you might recognise from my Car boot treasure hunt last Sunday

And after....

No treasure hunting this Sunday just relaxing and milling round the house, reading the Sunday Mags after Hubby cooked a lovely English Breakfast and coffee from my new Tesco large floral mug - It tastes so much better from a pretty new mug Don't you think?!!!
Really enjoy the home section of the You magazine every week and today thought it was just gorgeous!

I really LOVE blue, Lilac and Purple flowers, Although Pink is my fav colour, I'm always attracted to this particular colour scheme for the garden.

By the way, B&Q have a summer clearance going on and you can pick up some great bargains!! Picked up tons of great handles, tester pots and random little things for mostly 10p each!! Lots of cute little shelves too..def worth a look!!

I topped off the day making an apple crumble for my 2 gorgeous Boys..Its my hubby's fave and it went down very well.....Lots of freshly grated cinnamon and Nutmeg from St Lucia ( where my Mother in law lives its grown on their Land!) and a sprinkling of ground almonds in the crumble....

.......YUM YUM!!! Hope you all had a great weekend xxx