Monday, 24 August 2009

Lessons, Wish lists and Weddings

Bit of a mixed bag post as, as you know if you have read previous posts I do multitask my work Quite often!! So this weekend has been a bit of a hectic one really..My Mum came down for a visit which was lovely, she lives a couple of hours away from me and with her she bought some lovely fresh homegrown veggies and a few more of her handmade sewing pretties too! Unfortunately the Batteries in my Camera ran out before I could snap them all...but managed to get my fave pretty though!
This is waiting for the right button to be sewn on in the middle but is still lovely as it is and doesn't it look fab on my comfy chair?? I was secretly hoping Mum would 'forget ' to take this home with her!!This is a double bedspread made with the same vintage rose fabric, a gorgeous duck egg blue and beige linen too.....LOVE IT, the bedspreads have a nice weight to them too, so snuggling under it whilst reading my book would just be heaven!!
There was lots more including some great Union jack cushions and more heart cushions one with a nice pocket in to store your fave book or P.J's or the remote control too!!
Lorraine ( mum) Will be selling her handmade pretties at the vintage and homemade fair on 7th November ( see the link in the sidebar for more info)

Also on Saturday I had one of my lovely brides visit for a make-up trial in readiness for the big day in September, she has a colour scheme of Ivory and Claret and is having her wedding in a lovely Manor all that's left now are the Order of services and the Table Plan and then those fiddly little bits! She has chosen one of my birdcages to hold her cards and it will be adorned with claret Paper roses! Here's the invitation she chose ( excuse the poor quality of pic) It was A5 in size and Hammer effect Ivory card with Dark red wired organza ribbon
I obviously blanked out the details as I'm sure she wont want any gatecrashers HAHAHA!!
SO then on Sunday I went to the Craft haven ~Fantasy Crafts in Barton to teach a tiara class. It was great fun and we had 2 lovely ladies who were taking a beginners class but were absolute naturals! I had the Lovely Lisa who wanted to make a Tiara to go with a Red Ball dress that she has hidden away in her Wardrobe! As you can she she chose different shades of Red CrystalsThen after laying them out on the bead board and after some guidance and practice of wire work and some techniques Lisa started the assembly of her Tiara!After actually a short time the tiara had finished and Lisa made her first pair of earrings and pendant too!! Modelled beautifully in the pic below!! ( thanks for being a great Pupil Lisa, looking forward to booking the next class)
Fantasy Crafts is such a fab place to work, Its different to other craft shops as there is room for you to drop in for a cuppa and a biccie and play with any type of crafts you can think of! Each area has a table to sit and try something out and there is always a talented person who can show you a few tricks too! Its also a great place to take the kiddies when they wanna experiment, There's aprons and the mess doesn't end up in your home!! For more details just contact Yola on 01582 885727/
Here's a few pics of a few of the rooms including the party room ( which I would have Loved to live in!)
Well this post has already got far too long already So I'll leave you with this request for some advice!!
Its my birthday on the 3rd September and have been asked to make a wish list but for some reason when I have an opportunity like this my mind goes blank!! I'd love a handmade bag, retro vintage style of course!! I love a bit of Laura and Cath, and Crystal please please can you send me either some ideas or some websites for me to have a look at so I can compile some ideas!!!
Thanks oh gorgeous ones...until next time
Annie x
P.S Love Love Love all the comments it really makes my day to read them...and Carol your comment really touched me thanks for talking the time to share


Annie said...

Love the cushion and bedspread your mum made, you are obviously a talented family ! Can't wait to meet you meet you both in November. I have forwarded your email about the cake lady on to Deb and will get back to you shortly.
Ann x

bekimarie said...

Love the heart cushion, think I may have to give one a go. Surely if I can make small ones I can manage a bigger one, yes i'm trying to convince myself 'hehe'.
Do you mind if I borrow your union jack keep calm image please? It's only for my personal use, would like to print it off and put in a frame in my kitchen and use the crackle effect on the frame.
Beki xxx

Florence and Mary said...

WOW you've been busy and so has your mum! Such a pretty cushion!

Victoria xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Love the heart cushion & the bedspread.

Lucy Pursglove said...

Blimey, you have been busy. I love the birdcages and colour scheme the bride has chosen. Your mum is also as talented I see! How lovely working with excited brides, you lucky thing! What an interesting read your post was this morning, many thanks for sharing. x

bekimarie said...

Hi hunni
Thanks ever so much for that and I will most definately show piccies!
Did you want to join in my PIF?
Beki xxx

Dolly said...

'Tiara Class' - love it! sounds like what princesses must study at school!

I put your parcel in the post today so you should get it soon.

Hmmm I think probably no sparkles for the party ring - wouldn't want it to be too O.T.T (or has that ship sailed???!)

ps I generally love anthea - I think she is misunderstood! She cracks me up, anyhoo!

Nads said...

I'd love to come to one of your classes, it would be amazing! One day eh? BTW there are some lovely handmade bags on

I'm still waiting for my crafting mojo to return. I'm considering taking over the spare room ;o)

LittleGem said...

Hello, I have just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading all your old posts, your vintage makeovers are gorgeous! Such a beautiful blog and I am now a follower x

myvintageparty said...

Loving the cushion your mum made! That is funny you picked up an apron at the car boot, was it an older couple? She said she would be back with some more patterns this week but I was too busy looking after husband who was ill with a cough!! Ha ha, men! Yeh, we should def meet up there, i'd love to look around Fantasy Crafts. Not for the next couple of weeks though as i'm moving home next week, yippee!!
Laura x

Felicity said...

your mum is so clever, i love the cushion, you do so much I wonder how you fit it all in!! fliss xx

MelMel said...

Just popped by to wish you a happy weekend!
the quilt/throw sos lovely...the heart adorable!