Saturday, 15 August 2009

Shopping goodies!!

I took the afternoon off yesterday to do a bit of child free shopping! 4 year old boys and a busy shopping centre never really turns out very well so this was the only way for a bit of peace!!
Started out looking for bras, but got sidetracked in Primarni ( primark!!)
Now being a plus size Gal and the way their clothes tend to fit not very generously, I was chuffed to find this Cute as a button lightweight top for £3.50 that fit very nicely, will be great for autumn!
Also found this Boyfriend Blazer which was cotton soft and comfy as a cardie but just a tad smarter! Perfect for cardigan weather...when your outfit is asking for something smarter!!
Had to get these little pretties impulse buys but can afford to do that in Primark!! A bit of Bling, some comfy slipper socks and a cupcake mug!!

Also in town, I got this gorgeous Cornflower Blue cardigan which matched a dress that I had perfectly..not so much of a bargain but still in the sale at £20
and some pretty bras, Pink and lacy with little blue bows...and silky with polka dots!! HOW CUTE??

Went to an Ann Summers party in the evening which was SO much fun!! They had some fantastic lingerie in their new catalogue..very burlesque! I'm not going to share with you what I bought!!!!! A girls gotta keep some secrets!!!! ;~)
Have a fantastic weekend!!!
Annie x


MelMel said...

Wow...more greast finds!

You're have a fab week!x

Shabby Chick said...

You're brave going to an Ann Summers party, I've always been too scared!!! :-S

I'm not a skinny minnie either and I think you've done so well with your finds. I tend to buy my clothes in Sainsburys because they fit well and are nice and cheap!!!

Mel xxx