Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sending My Teasures out

Well Today I am sending some of my treasures out to be ( hopefully) snapped up and be loved in someone Else's home. I always feel a little nervous saying goodbye to them as part of me thinks Will they sell?
I try and change things up a little and revamp my stock in Brighter colours as I would love but then find that simpler is best...Its not about what I like but about what sells I suppose!
Well here's the products I bid farewell to today to be sold in Hitchin Antique and Collectors Market tomorrow morning...

Some of you have seen these pre 'face lift' in my car boot treasure post
but also included is a lovely old china plate rack with hanging rail some ironwork wall sconces and some gorgeous Candlesticks given a glossy coat of cream with a slightly aged finish.
This Lovely cabinet had the worst paint job in the world!! Took an age to sand but think it was well worth it as I love it so much now that I don't really want to part with it!! Inside the little drawer is Laura Ashley wallpaper and Eau de nil paint.

This was another pretty find, was originally a Bright baby blue all over which cheapened it but now is a tad tamer with antiqued ivory and my Birdcage digital art!!

Also going on its travels are my vintage postcard frames and musical Birdcage!!
Hopefully they'll all find a home soon!!
Just a little note to say Thank you to all the lovely peeps that take the time to comment still on my really DOES make my day xxxxx


myvintageparty said...

How much for all of it??!! Ahhhh, if only i had the space! L x

MelMel said...

I'd be sad too!
Such beautiful items....
In fact your blog is so cute...I'm sat here, with a cup of tea, just enjoying it!x

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh good luck, I'm sure it will all sell! I love the little cabinet, that is gorgeous. It's nice to know things are going to a new home where they will be loved :)

Mel xxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh how lovely, I'm sure they will be snapped up.

Felicity said...

good luck, it all looks very pretty, i would by it all!! he he!! fliss xx

charl said...

im sure it will all sell.. its all stunning.. you really are v talented.. i love the little cabinet..gorgeous.. the trouble is i would want to keep it all and not want to sell it if i was doing it!!!
just wanted to say aswell...thank you for your lovely comments on my blog to ..
charl xxxxx