Friday, 21 August 2009

Inspiration & Random thoughts

DO you ever have those realisation moments when you see how the everyday things you always thought were pretty inspires you? Well I was going through some old photos of some of my products and had this very thought!
SO I thought I'd show you a little bit of how things around you can creep into your thoughts and your designs!!
I think you can guess where I took inspiration from for the salt dough biscuit ornaments!! They look yum but had to keep these pretties high so that little ones didn't try and nibble!! Salt flour and pva glue does NOT taste very nice!!!

I love Winged things like these little pretties
so here's how they have influenced my designs!!
Since reading Enid Blyton's Tales of the Faraway Tree, the woods and forests are places I love to spend time in especially in the Autumn time ( although watching Blair Witch Project kinda spoilt it a little for me!!) and these little Toadstools are what I always look for but never find!! but this inspired a wreath which would look great in a kitchen!
Feathers are just beautiful especially peacock ones, this headpiece was designed for a bridesmaid of one of my brides and had diamantes adorning the base stem
Roses are a Fave of mine too especially in pastel or muted colours so these ones are made from paper so they last forever and has a hint of sparkle too them too...of course! I have some attached to fairy lights and my birdcage and also used bigger versions on my Christmas tree last year too!
So other random thoughts this week are......

...where do those objects that you know you have but just can't find go??? I have looked everywhere for this item for hours now and have seen it recently but just don't remember where?? and the thing is I WILL find it...after I don't actually need it any more!! Its like a mean trick that is played on you!! Maybe if I was more like Anthea Turner and had a place for everything this wouldn't happen....but that will never be so will just have to keep looking!!!!

....Why is it that its always YOUR things that end up getting broken and smashed? My Vintage teapot was smashed to smithereens yesterday by my 4yr old boys football, I was livid and he was devastated cause he knew how much I loved my china and also knew he is not allowed to play footie in the house either!!!
I'm gutted because it was the first thing I bought with my wages when I started working again and you don't usually find a coffee pot by itself but I have found the whole set for a reasonable price on E-bay which I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will win!!! ( at least I'll have spares too!)
Do these things happen to you?
Hope you have a great weekend x
Annie x
Edited to add- I WON!!! 21 piece set including a salt and pepper set that I never had before too!!! YAY!


MelMel said...

Hope you win the bid!

The pictures are so inspiring!

I've been watching the holiday...oh how I love the cottage i it!

Have a fun weekend!x

myvintageparty said...

Aww, sorry to hear your boys broke your teapot, hope you gave them a good earbashing!!
Laura x

bekimarie said...

Just been having a read through of your blog> I love your crotchet blanket, what a bargain and the Primark mug and bling I treated mysrlf to last week, you have fabulous taste 'hehe'.
Thanks for the tip on distressing a frame, I do everything except use the pva glue, will try it tomorrow as it looks great!
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

Felicity said...

the toadstool and wreath are pretty, i love your saltdough biscuits they are beautiful so simple but pretty! i love your ideas and your blog! fliss xx

Annie said...

So sorry about your broken china, that has happened to me a few times and it is so sad especially when it is unlikely you may never find another one the same. Love all your handmade things you are so clever. I especially like the paper roses they are gorgeous and I like the toadstool wreath I have a few toadstool things and the salt dough biscuits look good enough to eat.
Ann x

Carol said...

How fantastic to see your vintage Realm Rose so lovingly displayed. No wonder you are excited to have won another set on ebay.
I inherited a set in the same design when my Mum sadly passed away a few months ago. It is beautiful and full of happy memories.

Florence and Mary said...

What a lovely post although sorry to hear about your coffee pot!

Last week I went out for the day with my aunts and cousins and my younger cousin stepped on my flip flop and managed to rip it... I was devastated! Flip flops are one of those weird things I'm really fussy about and was panicking about replacing them (in addition to hopping around London trying to find somewhere to buy a temp replacement!)... thankfully I managed to order them online!

Victoria xx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...




VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

I am forever losing things - the worst ever was when I had sold something on Etsy and turned the whole house upside down to find it and it had disapeared into the ether. Had to e-mail the buyer and explain - luckily she was very understanding.
Glad to hear the good news though that you have won the crockery on Ebay which makes up for the broken pieces. I had that happen with a lovely big platter I had but have not managed to replace it yet. Will keep looking as that is the fun of it.

Dolly said...

that wreath is sooo lovely!

ps i aspire to be like anthea turner (never gonna happen!) - i actually have all the perfect housewife DVDs - is that wrong???!

myvintageparty said...

Pleased you won the set! You'll have to post a piccy...
Yeh, i went to the Billington car boot last Thursday, was quite good but lots of traders were there. I gave car booting a miss on sunday, spent 50 odd quid on Saturday and the house is getting chocker-block so thought i should restrain myself!!
Laura x