Sunday, 9 August 2009

Revamps, Relaxing & Randoms!!

Spent this weekend doing all sorts really so I thought I would post a bit of randomness!!
Me and Aidy were so excited to see the first 'fruits' Or Veggies actually had started to appear and grow big!!
The Pepper is supposed to be Red..not sure if its gonna turn or not or when to pick it really, I only just learnt how to plant this spring!! We had a Garden full of 6ft stinging nettles when we moved in 2 years ago and only now is it starting to resemble a garden!!
So the pepper was grown from a seedling and the Pumpkin from Seed!! YAY!!

Have also Done a few's a few of them... the first an Old wooden tray given a new lease of Life

Then a few you might recognise from my Car boot treasure hunt last Sunday

And after....

No treasure hunting this Sunday just relaxing and milling round the house, reading the Sunday Mags after Hubby cooked a lovely English Breakfast and coffee from my new Tesco large floral mug - It tastes so much better from a pretty new mug Don't you think?!!!
Really enjoy the home section of the You magazine every week and today thought it was just gorgeous!

I really LOVE blue, Lilac and Purple flowers, Although Pink is my fav colour, I'm always attracted to this particular colour scheme for the garden.

By the way, B&Q have a summer clearance going on and you can pick up some great bargains!! Picked up tons of great handles, tester pots and random little things for mostly 10p each!! Lots of cute little shelves too..def worth a look!!

I topped off the day making an apple crumble for my 2 gorgeous Boys..Its my hubby's fave and it went down very well.....Lots of freshly grated cinnamon and Nutmeg from St Lucia ( where my Mother in law lives its grown on their Land!) and a sprinkling of ground almonds in the crumble....

.......YUM YUM!!! Hope you all had a great weekend xxx


Nadine said...

Ooh love the wirework basket, clever old you! ;o)

Annie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing Sunday, your apple crumble looks delicious.
Ann x

Annie x said...

Nads- thanks hun...wanted to stray away a bit from painting everything cream!!
Ann- It was a change...Did miss the boot sale, had a few withdrawl symptoms but theres always next week!!! The Crumble was not bad!! Thanks for the comments hunnies xx

Annie said...

Hi Annie,
thanks for your kind comments about my suitcase. It is great you want a stall at the fair. I hope you will be able to do it with your mum. Do you want me to put you down for a stall ? Do you and your mum want one each or do you want to share ? I have picked up the flyers today so can send you some if you want. I heard from Laura as well, it would great if we could all meet up at the fair.
Ann x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Congrats on your first veg!
If you leave the pepper on the plant it will ripen & change colour.


Annie x said...

Hi Jayne,

Thanks for the tip!! Still hasn't changed yet but waiting patiently!!
annie x

Natalie Vaughan said...

Congrats on the veg in the garden! Who would've thought that when you moved in, that you could transform the garden into somewhere you can play and grow vegetables!!