Sunday, 2 August 2009

Thrifty Treasure Jackpot!!

Well seeing as I woke up to a Sunday without a big Grey cloud looming overhead, we decided to go Treasure hunting! Went to Hitchin Car boot, which I have to say is my fav and then onto Stondon which is an afternoon Boot sale so lots of treasures to be found!!
Not so many vintage pretties today and some really badly painted cabinets and things but I'm sure I will be able to transform them soon enough!!

This is the lot together...including some great finds such as a aqua crochet cardigan that I couldn't resist and a cute as a button sewing basket for my Mum!

This had thesweetest rosebuds on them and was a nice thickness for Mum to make into something Fabulous!! ( will post some of her products another time!) Here are some close ups!!

And YES...that is a birdcage you can spy on the shelf!!! It actually has a battery and apparently 'tweets' ...have yet to find out!!
Well not a bad little score today and now have the job of transforming them into treasures you would want to display in your home!! Got my work cut out for me I think!!
Hope you all had a lovely Sunday xxxx


Shabby Chick said...

Well I thought I'd done well but I'm a total amateur compared to you!!! What a great haul of goodies. I can just imagine the cabinet with the wire doors painted with fabric behind. The white shelves are brilliant.

Mel xxx

Annie x said...

Ahh but you see hun, sometimes a bargain find is better than a load of junk!! LOL!! love the fabric idea hun... and you're right that white cabinet...although very badly painted was my find of the day!! Thanks for the comment hun xx

bec4 said...

Great treasures! I love the cabinet. I did paint the cherries on the toolbox--they are pretty easy.

What makes you happy? said...

Great finds that I'm pretty sure you'll be doing things with.

Nadine said...

Well done Annie! I can't believe you have found all that stuff in one morning. All they ever have in our local boot sale is broken toys and overpriced clothes.

Pomona said...

That's a fantastic stash you have there! I overslept yesterday morning, and missed one of the best boot fairs in the area!

Pomona x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohhh well done!
We went a booting yesterday and came home with nothing!
Oh well there is always next time.

Annie x said...

Thanks for the lovely comments hunnies!
Bec- you are very talented! Love the handpainted cherries sooo much!!
Thanks for looking at my blog x

WMYH - thanks hun, Will post the transformation pics i'm sure!!

Nads- Thought you'd have great boot sales round your way? will have to meet up and go treasure hunting!

Pomona Thanks for reading and nice to 'meet' you!! Sometimes its good to have a lie in on a sunday lets face it!! your blog is lovely..of course I had a nosey!!

Alison - I do the same thing sometimes...better to come back with nothing then a load of junk that you end up selling at your own car boot when you run out of room!! xxx

Thanks for taking time out to comment.. xxxxxx