Thursday, 30 July 2009

Pretties in my Home

Hello! I had this post all sorted and managed to delete it all!! ARGHH!! Sitting here typing with slightly shaky hands after quiet Hen night meal turned into a very different occasion!! Definitely needed to let my hair down and That I did!!! My lil boy has shooed me upstairs so that he can put Carrie and Davids pop shop up full blast..not good for a poorly head!
So I thought I would hide from the cheesiness of cbeebies and show you some pretty things that I have collected over the years...

This is an old printers tray that my Mum had for a long time and then she gave to me, It's been given a coat of antique white and crackle glaze and now holds all my sparkly collection! Most of these brooches have been found in trash and treasure markets from when I lived in Australia...Some of them loved and cared for...some of them covered in crud and found in the bottom of some tin...these are the ones I love best funnily them and finding the shiny sparkle underneath was a secret weird niceness!! Also in there are some trinkets from my past such as a Swarovski gift box crystal from my 18th and my Dads old poker dice! I don't believe in Jewellery boxes! This is on my bedroom wall and sparkles nicely when the sun shines on them!

This is my Wall 'Tattoo' I hand painted it on my Duck egg blue dividing wall, it took me forever to do but Was worth it as its the first message I see when I come downstairs in the morning! Being a Victorian Terraced the house is long and narrow and has been knocked through to create one room ( unfortunately the chimney breast was taken with it by them...BOOO!!) The picture showing the location of the Tattoo is from before we moved in..I'm def NOT a minimalist!

Everything on this wall is a thrifty find!! The plate cabinet was unfinished from a car boot sale for a FIVER!! Given a coat of Vanilla cream it now holds my Arthur Meakin China, which I picked up from a charity shop for...£3.99! The design is Realm Rose and has a dark pink red rose against a duck egg blue background which matches nicely with my randomly collected 50p a plate Johnson bros range!! Have blue bowls to match this and love the pink style too!! The jugs in the pic were a £1 for 2 and the Gravy boat a steal at 10p!!!!!
Even the clock was £2 from a boot sale!!! This sits on the dining room wall next to the kitchen door!

This is a shot from my office workspace, it shows off Marilyn ( she has pointy badoobies!!) my wired mannequin wearing a 50's pink crinkled nightie, a pink rose crown complete with a bow brooch and feather boa..of course!! I paid £22 for her she doesn't have a stand though! but that's OK she sits amongst my stock nicely!

Yet another Printers tray...this one was £2 and very shabby but had to get it!! It lives by my stairs and holds mini pics of all my friends and family and little trinkets and pics just an easy way to display all your loved ones...especially if you have a big family! I have distressed it with duck egg blue paint to tie in with the colour scheme! On top is an easter wreath which I made but has managed to stay in the decor...will it stay until next year I wonder!!!?? Also a vintage style botanical rose print and a mini handpainted oil rose painting which I found in a junkyard for 50p!!

Finally my Pink wire heart which changes what it holds on a reg this pic it has a sign I picked up from Cornwall, some photos, some old cigarette cards, crystal brooches heart wreath other randomness!!! I'm sure the scenery will change tomorrow...oh dear is that another guys are gonna think I have a real problem!! lol!!

Until next time, off to take some headache tablets now...I know I know No sympathy for the self inflicted!!! Thanks to all who are reading, it means a lot...xxxxx


Nadube said...

I love printers trays but have never got round to getting one. yours are lovely! Hope the head is better by now. xx

Annie x said...

Thanks hun! They are a rare find now but Carboots are usually the best place to find them!! Heads a lil bit better..thanks so much for asking xx

Shabby Chick said...

Love the printers trays, they are so nice! You're obviously an expert car-booter, I never do very well at all! That plate cabinet looks wonderful.

Mel xxx

Annie x said...

Thanks Mel!! Its my fav past time... I call it treasure hunting! Started because I never had enough money to buy had to make my I hate paying over a fiver for anything!! LOL! If you ever want me to keep a look out for anything let me know..I'm bound to come across your item soon enough! x

MelMel said...

Lovely, lovely home.....wonderful printers tray!x