Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Just a little note to say....

.....Thank you to the lovely people that have commented on my fledgling blog! Its made me feel so welcome and encouraged me to carry on as I was in 2 minds whether to start one or not...I mean who's gonna be interested enough to follow it?....That was my initial thought..but I might just carry this on for a bit longer!!
Will come back with some pretties collected over the years but until then guess what?..Its another birdcage!!! LOL!! Before you click off, this one is a tad different...It plays Music!! A musical Birdcage how very Kitsch!! The little birdy ( with what i suspect are real feathers) also moves from perch to perch!!
I won't be keeping this one, it will be for sale but was def due a makeover so I'll post the before and after pics!!

Not too sure what the song played goes like this...da da da , da da da da....any ideas??
LOL!!- edited to add My mum told me the song is called- Around the world


Shabby Chick said...

That's adorable! Love the makeover on it :)

Mel xxx

What makes you happy? said...

It's a bit scary isn't it? Dipping ones toe into the world of blogging, leaving comments and wondering if anyone will visit your fledgling blog.
You've made a great start and it looks as if folk are loving your blog already.

Thecraftytrundler said...

LOVELY BLOG!! Please carry on!!! You are doing a great job of it!!!Have been looking at the things you make, they are gorgeous!!
Thanks for following my blog, and will enjoy reading yours!! I live in Northamptonshire, about 12 miles from Bedford. Nice to know there are bloggers not too far away!

Sharon xx

Annie x said...

oohh Thanks hunnies!!! You guys are too nice??!!

Mel- thanks for that hun, music wasn't even working when I bought it!! Hopefully it will find a new owner to care for it!!

What makes youhappy( Sorry Dont know your name hun!!!) The comments make my day!! Glad I came across yours too hun, seems we are like minded!!

Sharon- You're not far at all!! You'll have to tell me bout the treasure troves your way and maybe we could meet up for cream tea one very civilised!! You should have a look at ' My vintage party' Blog she has fab ideas and lives in Northamptonshire too!!

Thanks again guys have a great evening xxx

Nadine said...

Aww what a pretty tweety bird! Amazing makeover, as always Annie. xxx

bec4 said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! this birdcage is wonderful, I love it. Great beginnings of a great blog!

Natalie Vaughan said...

Bloody hell Annie, thats a great makeover!!

Don't sell it for a rubbish price either, you always undersell yourself and your skills!

Well done hun!

Annie x said...

Thanks for the comments hunnies!

Nads you start up your own blog to show off your fab pretties that you make!!

Bec- Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my means a lot cause I LOVE your blog!!

Nats- Yes, I know I do tend to 'give stuff away sometimes..but I don't like to charge a fortune as the joy comes from the feeling you got a tend to cherish that Item more!!
Thanks agin hunnies xx

MelMel said...

Beautifull.....your very talented!x

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

I love the makeover, you are so creative and I can't believe it is the same place..Thanks for sharing

cindy@cottage instincts said...

Oh my, gorgeous! I'm following :o)

niartist said...

Love the after! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring!