Friday, 25 June 2010

Paradise in England!

Well as promised here are the holiday pics! We had a fantastic time ( once we got there- car troubles set us back!) WE arrived in Cornwall and I had asked the universe for some Sunshine for us and you guys to think positve for us...and thats exactly what we got from Day 1!!! SO THANKYOU ALL!!
We were staying in Hayle and the beach was on our doorstep...this was taken at 7pm!!

We went for a walk and to fly a kite when Aidy decided to go for a paddle.....
  ........and then jump in fully clothed!!!
Hayle was not far from St Ives....heres a view from the train ride round the bay
 St Ives is home to this little shop you may have heard of ??!!!!
Its shop used to be a cottage and is just too Cute!! ( fancy a little peek?)
Prettiness EVERYWHERE! 
Heres the little  crooked stairs leading to more cute
I found a few more gorgeous little shops with pretties in and I could have taken pics forever..however I'll show you what my fave object of desire was......
surprise surprise.....

I cant remember the name of this shop as I forgot to take a card but I left mine so if you are reading this please contact me so I can credit your lovely shop!
I found a little craft fair in the local community centre of Hayle and met this lovely woman called Maureen who painted the most lovely pictures and I bought this beautiful piece from her..
...I asked if she was local and she replied that she came here on her honeymoon 45 years ago and never went home!! I LOVE THAT!!!

Heres me and my (not so little any more) man
This is what I spent my last day Doing...
Sitting on the beach reading Twilight ( i'm hooked) and eating cherries...
until Sunset

Well I hope I didnt bore you too much...I have a lot of catching up to still do with my work so bear with me, I'll make it worth your while!!!!......Thanks to all for helping me reach over 200 followers in time for my 1 yr anniversary from blogging....Thankyou to all who read my ramblings now and over the last year....I'm BLESSED xxxx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hello! Opinions please

I'm back and have lots of holiday snaps to bore you with soon enough!!! LOL!!!!
Just before I left I was playing with the new template designer and erased all of my background!!! So I took this as an opportunity to refresh my blog with a new design! With some graphics from The Graphics Fairy and some help from this very helpful post....I was able to apply it without having to fiddle around too much with Html codes( such a pain in the bum!)

I cant decide if the design on this blog is hard to read cause of the I'll ask you what you think! This is the design on this blog
and this one is on the blog here
I'm personally leaning towards the design on the blog shop...but thought I'd get your opinion too!!
Right off to upload some sunny pics from Cornwall ( including Cath Kidston shop in St Ives!!)
See ya soon and Thanks in advance xx
Annie xxx

Friday, 11 June 2010

Sunny Days!

Sorry things have been hectic as usual this end....Lots of new ventures, new products and lots to show off but want to do things properly so waiting until we have things 100% First!
So just a quick one to let you know I'm off for a week to Cornwall with the fam...we needing a break so gonna make the most of it!

I spy 2 more followers to go till i reach 200! I sense a giveaway coming up, also a blogaversary...a new overhaul of the blog shop too.......Its all gonna be go!!!

Until next time, pray for some sunshine for me!!!!! ( will leave you with a pic of me and My hubby on the beach last year in Hayle...happy days! )
Big love
Annie x