Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hello! Opinions please

I'm back and have lots of holiday snaps to bore you with soon enough!!! LOL!!!!
Just before I left I was playing with the new template designer and erased all of my background!!! So I took this as an opportunity to refresh my blog with a new design! With some graphics from The Graphics Fairy and some help from this very helpful post....I was able to apply it without having to fiddle around too much with Html codes( such a pain in the bum!)

I cant decide if the design on this blog is hard to read cause of the I'll ask you what you think! This is the design on this blog
and this one is on the blog here
I'm personally leaning towards the design on the blog shop...but thought I'd get your opinion too!!
Right off to upload some sunny pics from Cornwall ( including Cath Kidston shop in St Ives!!)
See ya soon and Thanks in advance xx
Annie xxx


Kandi said...

It's beautiful and not at all hard to read, I would keep this one.
Kandi x

Lululiz said...

I think I prefer the plainer background........ but really, the first one is so delicate, it doesn't interfere with the text, so its good, too. Great help, eh?

Nellie Dean said...

It looks lovely Annie, beautiful!

Natalie Vaughan said...

It's fine!!! I can read it perfectly!! Lovely hun!!

Butterfly said...

Oh it looks gorgeous! I tried to change mine yesterday & wasn't completely happy with the results. Will now be following in your very stylish footsteps and doing it properly!! x

Ms B. Thrift said...

I love it as it is Annie, very pretty!Pleased you had a fun hol!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I can read it fine :-)

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Sooo pretty!!! You did an awesome job, it looks great!

PetraB said...

This background is so beautiful, no problem with the reding.