Sunday, 26 July 2009

My first post..EEK!!

Well..erm Hello!!
After being an avid Blog reader, I have decided to start my own!! Haven't completely found my feet bear with me!!
This will be mainly a design Blog but I suspect my personal life will creep in somewhat as I am an avid heart sleeve wearer and so much of my surroundings, friends and family have impact on my work that it would be impossible to not mention them!

Ok so I'll start with a bit about me and my work..... My main job is being a full time Mum to a mischievous little boy who will be turning 5 this autumn! Besides that I have several part time jobs!!!
I design and sell my handmade gifts online and through word of mouth, I have been doing this for the last 10 years.. here's a little picture of some of them
Then I supply gift shops with my stock, at the moment Lavender Blue in St Albans are selling my hand painted butterfly and Fairy window clings, its a gorgeous shop full of pretties and well worth a look if you are ever in St Albans!

Then there's the Weddings!! I make every thing I can to do with Weddings from Invites to Tiaras to decorating the Tables on the day!! I have been lucky to have been involved with some beautiful weddings in the past and am looking forward to one in a castle in September!!! So excited!!
Here's one creation for a gorgeous bride who was a model and used her tiara in a wedding advertisement for Edinburgh Crystal!!

Then I supply my re purposed and vintage style stock to a trader who sells at Hitchin Antiques & Collectors Market every Friday!!! Here's some stock that sold very well!

And Last but certainly not least is a great place called FANTASY CRAFTS in Barton!
This is the only craft place I know with a soul and room to have a cup of tea and play!! I teach craft classes there part time and felt so privileged to be there for its birth!! If you ever in the the area and you love to craft then you MUST visit as there is so much to do...I will go into more details another time but here's a few pics for you to nosey at!!
Fantasy Crafts, 10b Barton Ind Est, Faldo Rd, Barton Le Clay, MK45 4RP- 01582 882727

Well that's it! Seems a lot for a full time Mum but hey you have to do what you have to do!! My Son is starting school in September full time so I am making more plans to reach my dream have my own shop before I reach 40!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!


Dawn said...

A great blog Annie, though I never doubted otherwise x

Nadine said...

Congratulation on venturing into blogland, Annie! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of lovely things which you make. Will subscribe on Bloglines. Nadine xx

Annie x said...

Thankyou Ladies!! Will try and keep it interesting!! pass it on anyone who may be interested!! xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Annie

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment, I'm so touched that you read it all! I do try to be as honest as poss on my blog, it's got a bit fluffy lately but we'll soon sort that out ;)

You make some gorgeous things, I absolutely love the decorated pegs and the tiara.

Mel xxx

charl said...

hi there

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog..
welcome to blog land!!
i love all your work its all so pretty, and you seem to be in involved with so much..fitting all that in and being a mum well done you, i cant wait to read more.. ( ps have you got tons of piccies of your house..thats what i love about blogs!!)
speak soon

Annie x said...

Thanks for the welcome ladies!
Blog surfing is a great past time of mine and I only ever go back and start from the beginning on the blogs I really like! I have lots of little pics of my home..will post them soon xxx

Natalie Vaughan said...

Well done Annie! With all the stuff going on in your life, when do you find time to do a blog! You nutter!

You no i believe in you and what you do, so keep up all the creative work that you somehow seem to manage!