Monday, 22 November 2010

Could you do it......????

Well please excuse my rather longer than anticipated absence, its that time of year again where personal orders take over and along with a few personal issues...getting to the computer for some blog therapy hasn't been easy!
Thanks to you all for your comments and well wished for the safety of my Mother in Law, she has been evacuated from the Church they were originally sent to as there was more rainfall and storms, some of the pics we got sent were unbelievable. Just want to get her back here but in all honesty she doesn't want to leave her home behind x x

Well while I'm awaiting some news that may affect my new year I want to tell you all about my Friend...Talyena.

She has decided to donate her virtually waist long hair to a charity called The Little Princess Trust which is a charity that  provides real hair wigs to children suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment.

Here is a Beautiful picture of her with her hair Straightened....when I combed it it fell all the way to her waist......

she is doing such a selfless thing and I couldn't do it personally, its such a huge sacrifice and yes Hair does grow but it took the best part of 15 years to get this long!
The official head shaving will be taking place in front of a crowd in the Mall in Luton Next Saturday 27th November at 1.00 pm, so if you are close then please feel free to come down to give her some moral support x x
This is her Page if you would like to donate a couple of pounds...every penny counts x
Thanks for your support and for reading, will be back soon x x
Annie x

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Have a Blessed Weekend

Please keep in mind all those people who have been affected by the hurricane in the Carribean Islands including My Mother In Law and Family in St Lucia.....Some of who will have had their home taken away by the devastation. Some of who are Missing and those who have lost their lives. No running water and no Electricity, means life is pretty devastating right now.
The Landslide from the mountains behind them has meant Mud has swallowed entire storeys of houses...The Family home in Fond St Jacques has mud all the way to the balcony of the 1st floor.

Sending strength and Love to all over there who will be having tough times ahead of them x
I'm taking the time to look around me this weekend to be thankful for all my blessings......

Will leave you with a video that I hope will bring a smile to your lil man performing his bestest Michael Jackson moves!!!

JUST FOR THE RECORD...he does not get his moves from me!!!!!!!x x x x

Monday, 1 November 2010

Celebrations and New product!

Well a little catch up here!
My Lil mans surprise birthday celebrations went rather swimmingly for a very last minute affair!! It was lovely to see his little face when he saw his friends waiting there when he got back from watching his first football match with his Daddy!

 Then we have Sundays Halloween happenings.....setting the scene.....

 This was our Dinner today...West Indian style Pumpkin soup, Sticky Maple Sausages, crispy bacon, Brie and Crusty Tiger bread!!

 After a spot of trick or treating at the neighbours we came back and watched Roald Dahls 'The witches!! Loved the movie...needless to say Aidy woke a few times with bad dreams....maybe a bit much for him!!!

Then another celebration not for me this time but a friend whose Mother was celebrating her 50th and wanted something special......
These will be appearing in the blogshop soon...Personalised blocks...makes a great gift x 

Until next time x x
Annie x