Sunday, 31 January 2010

Digital Art collections

Well I've been kinda busy with making Birthday pressies and cards and making some personalised Giveaway gifts!!!!
I have really enjoyed designing little buttons and pics on the computer so I thought I would showcase a few...If you would like me to design one for you I am thinking of adding it as a purchase in my shop eventually but until I get to design a few more I will gladly be happy to 'trade' for a swap of some sort!!!! Drop me a comment or E'mail if you are interested!!!
You may have noticed a little blog Button to grab for your sidebar to the right!! Making it was a doddle, but puttin it in the sidebar with the scroll box was TORTURE!!! It took nearly 2 hours to get the HTML code right but think I got there in the end!! Let me know if you do post it to your sidebar so I could thankyou xx
SO heres the Birdcages & Butterflies button
 The Blog shop Button
 The Halfway Giveaway

100 Followers Giveaway
Business logo design for Sew Lolly
Heres a button just designed for Cupcakes & Corsets
 Button For My Vintage Party
 Feel Free to use this one!!
 and this...

and this..

or this....
 A few of my fave images revamped by moi!... Liz T
 The motto of my life!!!
Ooh La la!!!
 One of my Fave ever Actresses Leslie Caron
And last but not least my Love of Birdcages!!
Sorry if I have bored you with my pics!! But please let me know if you ever want a giveaway button made for your blog! And feel free to use the above images for personal use only and please link back to me if you do!! Thanks guys..will be back soon with some pics of the giveaway prizes and hopefully some new editions of the blocks in time for Valentines and Mothers day!!
Take care
Annie x

Monday, 25 January 2010

And the Winners are........

Hello peeps!
Sorry if this is short and sweet but I've had a Migraine today and the yucky feeling that comes along with it still has not left me....Early night for me!!!
So Before then I better tell you who's names were picked out of the old sweety tin!!
SO the 1st name drawn is......Koralee from Bluebird Notes
A set of Vintage style blocks AND a handmade 'seamstress' necklace in the colour of your choice will be coming your way!! Congrats hun x

Ok 2nd name Drawn is....
Little Gem!! Congrats hun!
You have a choice of the seamstress necklace made in the colour of your choice OR a set of Vintage style blocks!

So the runners up I picked next are...

Tania Deutrom
Teresa Clayton Sanderson
Linda Q
Kimberley @ sweet holly cottage
Leann @ the Old parsonage
You will all be receiving a handmade pair of Crystal earrings in the colour of your choice!
Oh erm...the next name fell out when I picked out the last name and I couldn't decide on who's name was to be opened so I decided to open it and award another prize...

Congrats have the choice of a handmade pair of crystal earrings OR a little Craft surprise package...
I will be E-mailing you all tomorrow with all details as I need to have a bath and then an early night to get rid of this yucky feeling!
Thanks to all for entering! It means a lot that you all entered...I am giving all entrants a 10% Voucher for my Blog shop......As a little thank you...sorry if this is not much but if I had my way I'd try to give you all a little prize...and with nearly 400 entries this would be a VERY hard task!!!!
This is valid for 6 months so keep it and store it for a special occasion if you wish!

I have designed some more special editions of the vintage blocks with personalised sides....a couples edition including photos of the happy couple and meaningful pictures like a fave flower, or landmarks . e.g the Eiffel tower to remind you of that romantic trip to Paris you took....significant dates you get the picture!!! These are great for an anniversary, wedding or valentines pressie!!!

Also the Mother edition with similar themes...all personalised for the individual....Of course these special editions will be designed from scratch so they will be £14.99 for a set of 3 but a personalised pressie under £20 I think is not a bad price to pay!!

I've been tagged so will be back soon with more details!!!
Annie xx

Friday, 22 January 2010


Well as the title says..WOWEE!! What a response! The giveaway has had an overwhelming amount of  entrants this time..with around 3/4's of the 300 odd members entering from my facebook group and as you can see well over 100 peeps from blogland too!!
In hindsight I might have copied and paste the name into a spread sheet rather than write out each name up to 3 times on little bits of paper!! But alas I started this way so I intend to finish it this way!!
I have tried wherever possible to respond with a little personal thankyou to each entrant and try to visit their blog in return...sometimes this has not been possible as some profiles are restricted :~( But the Blogs that I have discovered are FANTASTIC!!!
I really believe that Giving something away brings SO much more into your life than the actual treasure you give...I have Loved finding hidden blogs showing wonderful peeks into strangers lives!! and I tell you having so many positive comments is just so Amazing!!!! SO Thanks to all for Participating!  I am going to close this on Saturday Evening and announce the winner Monday morning!
So If you havn't entered yet the please feel free to do so now!!

OK Before I go a few questions answered...
CHUFFED = Very Happy!!!! Sorry to all my American friends for using a very British word without Explaination!!-

The Crown will move around my house for the rest of the year until it will find its true home in December on the top of my tree!!!

You can find my shop by clicking on the black and white button in the sidebar..Working on some new stock to be sold soon!!

Oh and If you are the 'anonymous' poster with no email address than please send me it so I can make sure that If you are picked then I know how to contact you!!!! Thanks!!

Until Monday Morning.....BYEEEEE!!!!
Annie xxx

Thursday, 14 January 2010

100 Followers Giveaway!! ( & a crown makeover!)

Well Sorry I've been Gone so long but with the Snow days that fell upon us, between entertaining a 5 yr old and getting the house back in order after Christmas, there has been little time for finishing up my projects!
So now my lil man is back in school I can move forward with things..starting with the 100 Followers Giveaway!!
Thankyou to all of who have followed my ramblings over the last 6 months! It means so much that you take the time to comment and wish me well and to have got to know so many wonderful peeps in such a short space of time. I hope our friendship grows and thrives. x
So I have opened this giveaway to the members of my facebook group and you all here in Blog land!! There are currently just over 300 members there and on the halfway giveaway I had well over 250 entries so I have decided to give away the following prizes...

1st name Drawn
some surprise vintage and crafty goodies!

2nd name Drawn
A set of 4 seasons Vintage style blocks
1 Seamstress Necklace in the crystal colour of their choice.

Next 5 Names drawn
A pair of Handmade Crystal earrings in the colour of their choice

Of course there will be more than one way to enter so you can have multiple entries!!
SO this is how it works.....
1 entry = reply to Facebook group OR Comment on this post
1 entry = posting a link to this blog on your Facebook wall OR Posting a link to your blog
1 entry = becoming a follower of my blog or join my Facebook group- link in side bar

I can see who has replied or commented on Fb and here but if you have posted a link or followed me then please let me know by e-mail and i will add your extra entries in the hat!
If you are already a follower then let me know when you leave a comment and I will automatically put an extra entry in for you xxxx
P.S This giveaway is open to readers overseas too!!

SO heres the Makeover! I bought this erm rather yellow gold Crown tree topper in the January sales and it wasnt really to my taste or matched any of my tree decorations so it needed a new look!
( please excuse the poor quality of pics)


I will be Linking this post in the makeover parties displayed in my side bar, the people who participate always amaze me with their creations...def worth a visit for fantastic Inspiration!! If you click on any of the buttons in the sidebar it will take you to the blog hosting the party!
If you are visiting from one of them then please feel free to comment and enter the giveaway..I would be chuffed!
Until next time
Annie x

UPDATE: NOW CLOSED..thanks SO MUCH to all who entered!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

My Makes of 2009!!

Well before I move on to 2010 I thought I would show you some of my work from 2009....I have seen a lot of these posts and thought Hey why not jump on the Bandwagon??!!!
I only started this blog in July so I might sneak in a few from the pre blog days!!!

Wonder what Makes I will create this year??.......A Crown will be my next project...not for a bride though....Keep your eyes peeled!!
Thanks for viewing!
Annie x
P.S Feel free to carry on making suggestions for the Giveaway..getting a better idea now...looks like the blocks will be making a well as Jewellery it seems!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Catching up on 2009!!

Hello! Happy New Year!
Well just thought I would say Thankyou for all your lovely comments and hope that you all saw the New Year in with your Loved ones and had a great time x
Heres a few of the Gorgeous pressies I got..theres lots more but I wouldn't want to bore you!!!
Well lets start with the Sparklies shall we...

These Gorgeous Vintage Brooches from Australia..

A pretty Trinket box to put them in!...With Benefit make up kit in the it!

some prettie Pj's and Norah Jones new Album

A pretty box full of goodies,

My friend bought the box ages ago as she thought of me when she saw it...maybe because it has the best piece of advice ever on it..

Some gorgeous make up bags( much needed) and yummy biccies in a pretty tin!

A gorgeous Birdcage style Shelf, which will be holding my Jug collection soon

Remember my Dream Christmas Cottage?....

Look what my Mum made! It will be treasured and bought out for many Christmasses to come...

Look at the gorgeous detail on it....Speaking of My mums makes......

My Mum made me a Crochet blanket from some wool I found ages ago and I bought.....

.....this from her too!

Thats it for now!!
I'll leave you with the View from my office I had in the run up to Christmas...

Be Back soon with the Giveaway plans!!! It will be have to be a double lot of gifts to top the halfway giveaway and there will be multiples ways of entering for more chances of winning..just like last time!
P.S Thanks to Silken Purse who became my 100th Follower after the total dropped down to 99 :~(
Could not find an e-mail addy for you so just to let you know you will get 2 extra entries as little prize xxxx
Until next time...
Annie x