Friday, 22 January 2010


Well as the title says..WOWEE!! What a response! The giveaway has had an overwhelming amount of  entrants this time..with around 3/4's of the 300 odd members entering from my facebook group and as you can see well over 100 peeps from blogland too!!
In hindsight I might have copied and paste the name into a spread sheet rather than write out each name up to 3 times on little bits of paper!! But alas I started this way so I intend to finish it this way!!
I have tried wherever possible to respond with a little personal thankyou to each entrant and try to visit their blog in return...sometimes this has not been possible as some profiles are restricted :~( But the Blogs that I have discovered are FANTASTIC!!!
I really believe that Giving something away brings SO much more into your life than the actual treasure you give...I have Loved finding hidden blogs showing wonderful peeks into strangers lives!! and I tell you having so many positive comments is just so Amazing!!!! SO Thanks to all for Participating!  I am going to close this on Saturday Evening and announce the winner Monday morning!
So If you havn't entered yet the please feel free to do so now!!

OK Before I go a few questions answered...
CHUFFED = Very Happy!!!! Sorry to all my American friends for using a very British word without Explaination!!-

The Crown will move around my house for the rest of the year until it will find its true home in December on the top of my tree!!!

You can find my shop by clicking on the black and white button in the sidebar..Working on some new stock to be sold soon!!

Oh and If you are the 'anonymous' poster with no email address than please send me it so I can make sure that If you are picked then I know how to contact you!!!! Thanks!!

Until Monday Morning.....BYEEEEE!!!!
Annie xxx


Natalie Vaughan said...

Well done hun and 153 followers now! It's great how a giveaway can give you sooo much extra exposure for people to see your work!

You done well, with putting all the names in the tin! Very fiddley to do!

Well deserved!!

Can't wait to see who wins now!

Sewn Up said...

Wow indeed, you have had alot of entrants. I'm not suprised though, your items are so beautiful that everyone wants the chance.

Lululiz said...

Tehehehe, did you get writer's cramp???

Oooher, the wait is driving me somewhat nuts, lol.

Kelly said...

Love the crown hunni you are the queen of makeovers!!!!!I left a comment here because there are so so many on the last post! :)

Kissed by an Angel said...

That's wonderful - 153 followers!!!
You are so popular!!

Ticking stripes said...

OOh I'm too late - been so bogged down by THE FORM - Well done anyway! I've pormised myself I'll do the same when i get to 100!

Ms B. Thrift said...

Hehe chuffed is one of my favourite words :)

I have tagged you over at my blog x