Saturday, 2 January 2010

Catching up on 2009!!

Hello! Happy New Year!
Well just thought I would say Thankyou for all your lovely comments and hope that you all saw the New Year in with your Loved ones and had a great time x
Heres a few of the Gorgeous pressies I got..theres lots more but I wouldn't want to bore you!!!
Well lets start with the Sparklies shall we...

These Gorgeous Vintage Brooches from Australia..

A pretty Trinket box to put them in!...With Benefit make up kit in the it!

some prettie Pj's and Norah Jones new Album

A pretty box full of goodies,

My friend bought the box ages ago as she thought of me when she saw it...maybe because it has the best piece of advice ever on it..

Some gorgeous make up bags( much needed) and yummy biccies in a pretty tin!

A gorgeous Birdcage style Shelf, which will be holding my Jug collection soon

Remember my Dream Christmas Cottage?....

Look what my Mum made! It will be treasured and bought out for many Christmasses to come...

Look at the gorgeous detail on it....Speaking of My mums makes......

My Mum made me a Crochet blanket from some wool I found ages ago and I bought.....

.....this from her too!

Thats it for now!!
I'll leave you with the View from my office I had in the run up to Christmas...

Be Back soon with the Giveaway plans!!! It will be have to be a double lot of gifts to top the halfway giveaway and there will be multiples ways of entering for more chances of winning..just like last time!
P.S Thanks to Silken Purse who became my 100th Follower after the total dropped down to 99 :~(
Could not find an e-mail addy for you so just to let you know you will get 2 extra entries as little prize xxxx
Until next time...
Annie x


Nadine said...

What lovely goodies you got Annie. Happy New Year to you. Hope you have a fab 2010! xx

Annie said...

Happy New Year Annie to you and your lovely family. Your mum really is a clever lady what a gorgeous gift she made for you.It looks like you got some lovely pressies from people who obviously know what you like. Looking forward to seeing you in the spring.
Ann x

Kelly said...

Great Presents Annie!!
We must have all been very good girls in blogland!!
Your Mum's stuff is amazing, Love that cushion!!!
Happy New Year sweetie!!!

Andi's English Attic said...

Lots of lovely sparklies and other wonderful gifts. I'm so glad you posted a close-up of your mum's work on the Christmas cottage. Amazing detail. xx

MelMel said...

Happy NY Annie...I love the gifts your Mum made for you!
The blanket is brill!!!xxxxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

What gorgeous pressies!! Santa definitely loves you!! Your mum is extremely clever!!! What lovely stuff she made you!!
Happy New Year!!

Lululiz said...

I adore the gifts your mum made for you, they are just beautiful.

Florence and Mary said...

Lovely presents!

Your mum's work is fabulous, what treasured gifts

Victoria xx

silk purse said...

Hello there and Happy New Year once more!~ Those are lovely pressies! I absolutely love them!

So sorry that I did not include my email address on my blog; it is actually in the CONTACT information of the Bed and Breakfast of ours,( that my dear hubby and I own), that I posted earlier.~ I sent you another comment the other day to correct the fact that in my excitement, I mistakenly added the word "lane" to our web address..., Oops!

~ Sorry for the confusion!.., Yet if you Google the bed and breakfast name, it will give the full web address)~ Yet no worries as I will post the link for the B. and B. on my blog right now..,

(With a full life, and a precious little boy, along with the extras of the holiday season, you have lots to do and then some, I'm sure!~ It was super busy this year for us as well)!..,

(I will also mention that the last letters are ".ca" ", not ".com" on our web site; as I realize this is perhaps confusing and not usual.~ ( The ".ca" represents Canada).

P.S.~I also checked frequently to see if perhaps you were trying to locate me, via sending me a comment or query, on my blogs..,

(Other fellow bloggers have mentioned that with blogger that sometimes they have had a difficult time getting their comments posted. Also at times they cannot even post comments at all)!..,

It occurred to me that perhaps you could not get through to me via sending a comment.

I have heard of several poor fellow bloggers who lost their blogs entirely! I know that I personally have lost my followers at times! (Along with millions of others apparently; I remember it all too well!

Thank you for kindly mentioning me in your last post and for the inclusion in your next draw.~I am tickled!

When you get a moment, I warmly invite you to please try once more~ I'd love to hear from you my dear!

~In fact the real "prize" for me is always meeting and connecting with new people!

Cheers from Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen and @ Silken Purse

Savoir Weddings said...

You're making me jealous with all your fab pressies. Love those vintage brooches.

silk purse said...

love that brooch also!..,(And all the pressies; the ones your mom made are so heart warming!

Here is a short and sweet message; I know I'm "long winded"!)~ He he!.., Thanks for the "100th follower" prize/award!

(In case the previous message didn't come through, the addy is posted on my blog at The Plumed Pen)..,

Cheers and hugs from Silken Purse@ The plumd Pen

Ms B. Thrift said...

I have just found your blog and love it, what beautiful bits you got for christmas, i love the makes from your Mum, she is a very talented lady!! Happy 2010!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Hi Annie, I am finally up and running again, boxes unpacked (well almost) and back on-line. Wishing you and yours all the best for 2010 and just love your mums gift, how special.

Michelle said...

ooooh I just love what your mum made you. Makes me think of the cottage in The Holiday. I wish my cottage was that cute!! Michelle x