Sunday, 16 August 2009

Vintage style bargains

Did a spot more of shopping over the weekend and came up with some alternative cheaper versions of the pretties I desire ( but can't really afford!!)
After reading one of my fave blogs Clover Cottage the lovely crafty trundler kindly pointed us in the direction of Focus for these lovely Cath Kidston inspired vintage floral wallpaper! You can find the post here
Where as the lovely C.K Wallpaper is £22 a roll, this version is a winner at just £5 a roll!!
They had a large blue Floral, cream small floral and blue small floral, so I got one of each!! Not actually planning to put it anywhere as I cannot convince Hubby :~S But have lots of projects planned with it!!
Luxury/ Budget
So then when I found this was in the sale I was overjoyed as I have had my eye on this for ages, but didn't need it but really wanted it!! This is a double bedspread from Matalan, it was £30 full price but I found it at 50% Off at £15!!! Its lovely and thick and has great detail on it and it really was a bargain at its original price seeing as the green gate version in the pic below is £130!!

Luxury/ Budget
This was a buy from my last shopping expedition which i forgot to post, I've been after a polka dot purse for a while and nearly picked up one up in Cath Kidston in St Ives this year but the price did unfortunately stop me :~( ... So when I saw this in Evans for £3, I was feeling a bit smug!! This is big enough to hold all your cash, as well as your credit cards, mobile phone and a lippy in the front pocket!!
Luxury/ Budget
SO those were my bargains!! Here's some more that I found in the great car boot today! a handmade pretty in a frame- which will be painted!! A Capodimonte Rose and a knitted pretty blanket perfect for Autumn for just £1!!

So here's a question for you experts...the knitted blanket has a few marks on it and needs a wash before snuggling into it when the weather turns....How do I do it without ruining it? All help much appreciated!!
Hope you had a great weekend,
Annie x


Annie said...

The wallpaper is great isn't it. Love all your bargains the blanket looks lovely and cosy. I would try treating it with Vanish spray and putting it through the machine on a wool wash. Will be in touch about the other seller you told me about. I need to check out the space and talk to Deb who has been away for a few days .
Ann x

MelMel said...

What a great post...just goes to show that there are lots of vintage inspired goos ies to be had, from lots of different places...I'm a big fan of that wallpaper!xx

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Annie

You did so well! Love your luxury vs. budget items, when you think how many other things you could get for the price of the luxury item (usually expensive just because of the name) it seems madness not to go for the bargain! That wallpaper is sooo pretty and the Matalan quilt is gorgeous.

Mel xxx

charl said...

i love buying the budget version of things.. it feels much more clever than just going out and buying the first thing you see!!!
i love the matalan quilt its so nice..might have to take a sneeky peek into matalan if they are only £15 now!!!
i have the blue version of the focus wallpaper in our bedroom and its just so pretty.. i love it..cant wait to see were you use yours!

charl said...

hey love..
aww its great over there

heres the addy for it.. its pretty straightforward to join..will be nice to see you over there!

Dolly said...

love the blanket - sooo much easier than knitting your own!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! Thanks for mentioning my blog in such a nice way!!! I certainly will have to follow this one too, it's great!!!
Love your finds too! Havwe been away for a few days, so will have to post tomorrow.
Have a lovely week, hun!!!

Sharon xx

Ps. By the way, Shabbychiccafe forum is great, I really enjoy it!!!

Florence and Mary said...

The great news about CK becoming so popular is that the high street will start following our style which is better on our purse strings!

That blanket is fantastic, perfect for when the nights start drawing in!

Victoria xx

Felicity said...

oh i love the wallpaper! and your other bargins i might have to go high street hunting! he he!! the blanket looks fab, and thanks so much for your comments they were so kind and sweet!! fliss xx

charl said...

hey love
thank you so much for the offer... i would love the drops if you can spare them..if you have a paypal account i can send you some money through that for them if you want
just thought about the blanket why dont you just put it in the washing machine on a wool wash, it should come out smashing

Anonymous said...

your so beautiful

What makes you happy? said...

Bargains galore and aren't they fab?

Dawn said...

Loving this blog and would comment more often if I could remember my log in details doh!
That blanket is a fab bargain. If you ever decide it is surplus to requirement let me know. x

Annie said...

Hi Annie,
take a peek at my blog, you will find an award for you
Ann x