Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Keep Calm &........

....sit in your Pj's all day!!..Hello...well As I told you in my first post I am an avid heart sleeve wearer so I cant very well write a fluffy blog post when I'm feeling poo!
I won't go into the boring details of why I'm feeling down too much but basically I'm taking a step back from my personal life to decide why people perceive me and treat me the way they do.... I'm far from perfect but I think I try to go out of my way for peeps if I can, be a good person and try not to let my insecurities get out of hand.. but not everyone can live by these principles and find myself getting hurt by comments or actions that by themselves I could get over within 5 mins but accumulated are huge!! This is what is dragging round my neck at the moment..I wish I could just forget about it, believe that I shouldn't have to change myself but then on the other hand they can't all be wrong?
ANYWAY!! I'm waffling now and sorry if that all made no sense but sometimes its best to get it out..all helps the healing process! So the following slogan is a simple but very British and effective rule to live by you cant escape it now it's everywhere!!!...this is a digital art version that I have designed...Rusty and shabby just the way I like it!!!

And this is my take on the slogan for all you crafters out there! Feel free to use the images for personal use as long as I'm credited for it x

So here's where I'm blessed, my Little sis trained in beauty therapy so as she is one of my best friends and saw I was feeling down, she decided to come round to my house and pamper me!! Hair cut and Coloured, eyebrows waxed and shaped and a facial later and voila!!

A new Annie!! My 4 yr old son Aidan took this photo whilst trying to make me laugh !! We also took this one of us...when I asked why he closed his eyes...he replied, well you are supposed to kiss with your eyes closed!!! Out of the mouth of babes!!

this poem I found a couple of years ago from where...I just can't remember...I saved it to show a friend who wasn't feeling confident about her crafts and whether she should get a 'real' job!! I wish I could credit the author as I love the words but thought I would share it and maybe someone reading can clear up the mystery! Thanks for 'listening', will show you some of my Mum's sewing pretties on my next hopefully 'fluffier' post!!



Shabby Chick said...

Hi Annie

That's a great poem and I love the two designs you made, they are fab!

I've been very hurt by some friends lately (well they aren't friends any more) and as a result I'm put right off making any new ones. Be confident that you are a nice person and that it's them not you!

Mel xxx

Annie x said...

Sorry to hear that Mel, I remember reading something bout it I think. Thing is They are not major issues but when you lump them altogether its VERY major!!
It'll get better, just got to keep remembering to count my blessings!
Thanks for comment hun xxx
Annie x

Annie said...

Just read your blog and I think it's lovely. Try not to feel down, people that say things that upset you are usually unhappy people themselves and somehow think it will make themselves feel better if they bring someone else down.
Your vintage inspired handmade stuff is gorgeous. You ought to think about having a stall at our Vintage and Homemade fair in Nov. The info is on my blog but I guess it is a little too far for you to come.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. By the way your little boy is gorgeous.
Ann x

Annie said...

Hi Annie,
that would be great, the flyer is on my blog so you may be able to transfer it to your blog, if not I can email it to you. We should have them printed soon so I could send some to you. You should seriously think about having a stall, we are charging £13 for each stall and there will be a mixture of sellers with vintage inspired handmade goodies as well as sellers like myself with vintage treasures.A friend is running a vintage style tea room in the hall with home made cakes and teas etc . We are collecting vintage china tea cups for her to use.
Ann x

Annie said...

Hi Annie,
yes I am Ann but get called Annie by close friends and family. Have a chat with your mum , it would be great to have you both on board. Look forward to catching up with you again soon.
Ann x

Nadine said...

Love your versions of the 'Keep Calm' poster, Annie. You look beautiful in your photos, wish I looked as good, lol.

Anonymous said...

your a gorgeous women and your boy is a handsome chap