Friday, 28 August 2009

Posted pretties!!

Been hectic this end as usual!! But in the midst of the madness came some lovely surprises!!!
My Smashed Teapot replacement arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the teacups were actually dainty little coffee cups! I also had a salt and pepper shaker set too!!!
Made my day!! Here's the coffee cup and teacup that I already had!
So then the next day..I received a lovely package of goodies from Dolly! As I swooned over her ladybird Magnets and her over my party ring salt dough ornament, we decided to do a swap!! but I was not expecting this lovely stash of pretties!!
JACKPOT!!! Love love love it all!! Love the Magnets...especially the little mice! Just looking at these took me straight back to my childhood...oh those days when I had not a care in the world and the only decisions I had to make were which Ladybird book to read!!! Of course i always came back to this book...CINDERELLA!She had 3 lovely dresses in this book all were ones I dreamed of wearing! So when I saw this lovely page for me to frame I was over the moon!!! How Pretty?!!!
SO as I have been getting these lovely pressies to open my Lil boy has been getting a tad when my 4yr old Aidan saw the sweeties he was over the moon too!!! I managed to grab a lemon sherbet before they were all devoured!!!
Cant...quite ..get into this one...mummy.....
A cheeky Wink ( well his version of one!!) For Dolly who has now converted my lil boy into a sherbet lemon addict!!Thanks Hunny for this lovely swap..yours is now FINALLY in the post with a little picture of you drawn by Aidy to express his thanks!!!
Another thank you goes to all of you who posted lovely comments about my Mum's sewing pretties...she read them and asked me to thank you all, its great to hear such lovely feedback xx
So off now to tidy up as we are having a bbq over the weekend to celebrate my Birthday next week...If I am not too worse for wear I might get to post some pics!!
Hope you all have a great weekend xxxx
Annie x


Dawn said...

I love reading your blogs and enjoy the pictures too. Have a great birthday and I hope the weather is good for your BBQ.

Florence and Mary said...

What an adorable coffee set. I have a couple that I brought from CS's years ago and are waiting for me to move into my home so I can use/display them.

So many wonderful things from Dolly you lucky thing.

Have a great weekend,

Victoria xx

bekimarie said...

Love your coffee cups, very pretty and what great swap goodies.
As for that little man of yours, I see a future heart breaker. What a cutie.
Have a great weekend.
Beki xxx

Annie said...

Have a wonderful birthday and a great weekend, I think the weather is looking good for your BBQ. I am off to London for a night with my daughter to do some shopping.
Ann x

myvintageparty said...

Ha ha, have you really done up a cutlery tray, that is scarily weird!!! You'll have to post a pic! Really like your new tea set, very pretty. Moving house next friday so will probably be out of the loop for a week or so but yeh, we'll sort out a meet up for sure!
Laura x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Ooohhh pretty!
A such lovely swaps too.
*eek* how adorable is that young man of yours!
Have a lovely weekend.

Lucy Pursglove said...

Oh my goodness your son is adoreable! What a cutie!
Beautiful photos of your goodies too.
Have a great birthday!

Shabby Chick said...

Yummy china, I love it! I never end up with anything matching, I think I am missing out!!! Your swap stuff is lovely too, the magnets are brilliant. Love the quilt in the previous pic too :)

Mel xxx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

L.O.V.E the china... Your swap gifts also!
And your little boy... He is so darling!
Shame he is only four! Otherwise, we could set him up with my 8 year old daughter! Lol


VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Hi Annie,
Happy birthday to you too. If you think your in denial wait until you get to be my great age....I try and pretend it is no big deal lets face it you cant stop the years from passing.

Your little cutie will keep you young - I still love sherbert lemons yum.