Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Birthday BBQ and an Update

Ok Well I had a BBQ to celebrate A) My birthday on Thursday and B) the fact that for the first time in 2 years we have something that resembles a back garden! SO I er kinda forgot to take pictures mainly due to copious amounts of this Demon below!!SO I thought I would take some pictures of the aftermath!! We had such strong winds that the Gazebo nearly blew away!! but managed to clear the rubble before Taking this picture..I found some lights for £6 in the sale and painted some polka dots and strawberries on a paper light shade and cherries on another and the hung a few lights in them for the evening.

and these little Strawberry Bird feeders were too cute in the B& Q sale so I put a tea light in the bottom and they made cute candle holders!!

SO I got a few pressies from my Lovely friends and family... and YES I KNOW It's not my Birthday till Thursday but It would be rude not open them when they want to know if I liked them or not!!!! Of course I did as my friends all know me too well!!
Theres some fab C k goodies there..one I'm saving to open on Thursday! Some Breathtaking Crystal Necklaces and great little goodies.....all sitting on a fab bedspread made by Mummy along with the heart cushion I was swooning over in this post!!
and YES that is a birdcage necklace you can see there!!
This pretty little card was made by the lovely Aisha, my friends Daughter and I just think its so cute!! Love the colours together!!..def an artist in the making!
Having my family and friends altogether in the same place just made me feel so happy...I have friends that have known me since the teenage years and some that have just come into my life but every one of them bring something extra to my life....I feel so blessed.
Speaking of blessed.....I have a NIECE!! Her name is Casseta Angelique and is just gorgeous! My Husbands Twin Sister had her a couple of days ago and they are both doing well...She is a natural earth mother!!
SO I had some lovely baby cuddles over the weekend too!! Hopefully we'll be blessed with another in the next year!!
Ooh OOH here's my pumpkins too!!
This is what it looked like last time I posted....and now it has grown and been joined by another!! I have a pumpkin patch!! Can't wait for them to turn orange!! I planted them quite late in the season so they are a bit behind some other plants i have seen. I read that to get a nice round shape that you have to stand them on end so that's exactly what I've done...if anyone is growing them too I would love to hear from you so we can swap notes!!

SO Hubby is taking my Birthday off so we can go and take a trip to London...I know Spitalfields Antique market is on that day but can anyone give me any secret spots that will hold vintage treasures that they would like to share with me? Consider it a birthday gift!!!!
I will try and post at the end of the week if I am not busy preparing for the wedding in Birmingham the next day!!! Until next time oh gorgeous ones.....BYEEE! xxx
Annie x


Florence and Mary said...

What a lovely set up for your BBQ!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday and were certainly spoilt you lucky thing.

Congrats on your new niece too.

Victoria xx

Lucy Pursglove said...

Oh wow the BBQ set up looks so pretty! I bet the guests loved it! Glad you had a great day. Congrats on being an Aunt! I adore my nieces and nephews like they were my own, mine are now all old enough to babysit for my son which is a great bonus! :)
Have a lovely day on Thursday. Xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh how lovely, hope you had a wonderful time & you are a lucky girly with all those gifts!
Aaahhhh & a new baby too, congratulations to all the family.
Enjoy your hugs.

Annie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time, you made your garden look lovely. I was in London over the weekend and really wanted to visit a gorgeous looking vintage shop in Clapham very close to a new Cath Kidston, unfortunately I didn't get time so am planning to go back. Anyway if you go to Henhouse blog , there is a link on my blog and look at the posting for the 13th Aug you will see some gorgeous pictures of the shops. If you go let me know what it's like , I will be so jealous! Also on my blog there is a link to Little Gems blog and she also has some pictures of a lovely cafe and vintage shop called the Emporium, I think it is in the Highgate area but you will be able to get the address from the blog . Hope this helps, also take a look at my latest posting about the exhibition that is on at Liberty's.
Ann x

Dolly said...

Happy birthday!

love all your fruity party lighting

I got my swap parcel yesterday! (faints with hapiness!) sooooooo stunning! thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks! I just posted about it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

love Dolly

Thecraftytrundler said...

Your weekend looked great, the weather was lovely, and those presents were great too!!
Lovely to hear about the new baby too! I bet you're looking forward to when she gets home!!

Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

bekimarie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time and your garden looks lovely.
Lucky you with all the lovely gifts!
Congrats on your new addition too.
Beki xxx

Felicity said...

your bbq setting looked really pretty, i hope you had a lovely birthday, and congratulations on your niece! fliss xx