Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Catching up!!!

Well its been a while! Please excuse my absence...I have no excuse though I'm afraid!! Just been enjoying life really, with all of its highs and lows it really does keep you busy! Although I really could have put together a post I feel it would have been half hearted and that's not good enough for my friends in blogland really now is it?

Well firstly A HUGE thank you to all of you who read and also commented on my vintage blocks post...I had such great feedback and orders!! I also had a lovely lady Susan Ashman
Enquire about wanting a set to go into the Children's attic playroom for a place that she is currently involved in the refurbishment of. It's a beautiful country house in Somerset that's grade 1 listed...make sure to visit her blog for more info, Its an interesting read!!

I taught a crafting class on Sunday and had a lovely afternoon with them...there are preparing for a wedding with a vintage style ( a girly after my own heart!!)
They made some Cupcake cards and did a fantastic job of them! Heads down all working hard!!Chloe making the smallest paper flowers..fiddly!!!!WE also made some paper flowers and threw around some wedding decor and invitation ideas! Can def see some production lines being started in time for the wedding next September!!
Thank you all so much ladies it was lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon...you were all a pleasure to teach!

As you can see from the 1st pic of the card It was my nephews 13th birthday this month but I always seem to struggle with designs for males whilst keeping true to my style!! So I came up with this design as He ALWAYS seems to win anything we play..especially cards!!!
Lots of monopoly money signifying the masses of times he has whooped us at games!!

Also I have a friend who teased me to say that no one would read my blog! He is now eating his words HA HA but has said to me that if I get close 100 followers he would build my website Birdcages and Butterflies for me! I hope to open a shop on there so I can sell some of my products online. SO I'm begging you who hasn't already please please please please please with tons of cherries on top so I can get my website up and running!!!
As a little thanks, here's the layout I used for the game card for your personal use!
This was made to fit an a5 card but of course feel free to add cut and use as template for your own patterns papers etc. Will be doing a giveaway when I hit 50 followers too...feel free to send me suggestions as a prize..was thinking a set of blocks maybe? Let me know, as always would love your feedback!! Oh and some pics and a link if you do make it too!! TA!
Annie xx
P.S Next time I'll tell you all about the giant Birdcage I'm transforming!!!


Florence and Mary said...

How exciting to have your own website.

I must apologies as I still haven't put your magazine in the post, it's been manic the past couple of weeks but I promise I will get it out to you ASAP.

Victoria xx

Dolly said...

oooh i wanna see the GIANT birdcage! it had better be truly giant or i will be very disappointed ;)

Annie said...

Hope you get enough followers very soon so you get your own website. The cupcake cards are great. Great to read one of your postings again.
Ann x

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Hey there Annie, I'm pleased to hear the blocks are going well.
The cupcakes the class are making look fab. The card is wonderful too, cheers for the template. Fingers crossed for the 100, I'm sure you can do it! :) Xx

myvintageparty said...


I think your friend should build you a website even if you don't get 100 followers. Why? Just because!!

Laura x

Lajoni said...

Sending possy vibes your way for 50 followers so that I can enter your giveaway esp if its a set of blocks as they are just gorge and then for the 100 so we all can see your lovely products ....exciting xx

Felicity said...

i've had a manic few weeks too, hopefully it back to normal now. Annie your art work is fab, i love it, im off t follow you now, hope you have a lovely weekend, fliss xx

susan said...

Annie, Forgive me in all the Brympton Towers mayhem my usual focus is being strained!
Could you e-mail your phone no. as I need to be conversing with you renaissance-bespoke@live.com
Love you work and dedication
Love Susanxx