Monday, 7 September 2009


Well sorry have been missing in Action for a couple of days now, its been a Busy busy week what with my Birthday on Thursday and the Wedding at a manor on Saturday that I was working on I haven't had a chance to post!
So first a catch up!!
I did show you some pressies that I opened at my birthday BBQ in my last post but I did save some to open on my actual birthday ( whom I share with the lovely Debs from Home thoughts from Vintage wants ) so here's the rest that I was so blessed to receive

These gorgeous bags are made by Anna Chocola They are SOOOO cute!!
and her business cards are Gorgeous too!! Apparently these were delivered virtually the next day, how professional is that?!! You can find more of her products here
some more goodies follow.....YES I am a walking Cath Kidston advertisement!! LOL! did you notice the Birdcage necklace and Birdcage umbrella? I can feel the roll of the eyes already!!! Tee hee!!
Here's also a little collage of the birthday cards I got too..My friends are always complaining that I'm hard to buy cards for because i make them...but I always think they do a Fab's a few of them!!
After receiving all of these Pretties my Darling Hubby took me to London and spoilt me rotten!! I got clothes, books and the most gorgeous purple Anna Scholz autumn jacket too...oh and a country living subscription!!! WOW!!! I GOT SPOILT!!!!!
SO back to business....
This Saturday was the wedding I had been working on, it was held in this lovely place

The Bride looked amazing

AS did the setting

a few finishing details made by moi ...Handmade paper roses on a birdcage you might have seen somewhere before....

and it was complete!...It was a great success! Wishing the happy couple many years of happiness x
SO now my big job is to try and get my lil man ready for school next week...He starts reception!! and then my poor neglected house! ( Well with 4 part time jobs somethings gotta give!!)
Thank you to all of you in Blog land who sent me Birthday wishes too..I'm touched xx
Annie x


MelMel said...

Loving the gifts!
YAY to ck!!

Lovely wedding dress and the tables settings are lovely!!

Have happy week#!xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Thoroughly spoilt, thats what I like to see.

The wedding looked like a fabulous affair.

Victoria xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohhh lots & lots of wonderful birthday treats, you lucky thing!
Hope you had an extra special day!
The wedding looks beautiful.

Dolly said...

love that strawberry bag x

ps yes i did see the cheeky wink pics - wink wink back! ;)

Annie said...

Looks like you got some lovely pressies, the bag is great. Just checked the bags on the website, I love the striped one with the toile top it's gorgeous.
Ann x

bekimarie said...

OOOh, you were spoilt, just as it should be 'hehe'!
Love the mugs, Jess is really into the Cath strawberries and cherry prints so I guess i'll have some hanging in my kitchen at some point.
I expect to see lots of baking now that you have a gorgeous apron.
Have a great week
Beki xxx

Rose Charles said...

Hi there,

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today :-)

Your blog is lovely! it always amazes me how many wonderful and different people there are out there in blogland that you happen upon!

Beautiful pictures of your birthday pressies - I particularly like the CK strawberry mugs! I have a couple of her mugs, but not with the strawberries on...

Have a great day :-D

Rose XXX