Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Well I'm not personally distressed but thought i would post about this
little tool that I have fallen in love with working with!Anyone who is into paper crafts will know that there are tools out there that you can use
to distress paper with inks but can also be very pricey!! I have used these pricier tools and
have to say that sometimes the bargain is better!! Firstly let me tell you how to use it ......
First you place a bit of felt on the block and press down on the Velcro...

Then you get a normal stamp pad... ( I am using brown here to give it a vintage feel )
dab the the block felt side down on the ink pad a couple of times then on your chosen print or card
( making sure you have a bit of scrap paper under your print) then make small circles starting
from the scrap paper to the print rubbing and smudging the ink all around the edges
So it looks something like this, basically less is more and its best to build up the colours...

I also added some colour from a Teal ink pad, Autumn Leaf and pale Aqua too
and now it looks a tad more authentic!
It was a good friends Birthday Today too and I made her a card
in her fave Colour Purple but thought I would use a bit of teal in there too..
The Craft shop that I work for( Fantasy Crafts ) sell this magic little tool for the bargain price of ....£2.49!! YES I know!!!!..It also comes with some spare Felt pads too
but have to say these do not disintegrate easily so will last you a while too!!
If you would like to try one then just email fantasycrafts@hotmail.co.uk and I can send
one out to you for this great price plus £1 P+P only....
...If you do please show me the finished projects you use it for..
.by the way I have also used this on painted frames too!!
Oh and yes I have been playing with my blog background
but still have lots to learn and tweak so all feedback and advice would be much appreciated !! ;~)
Annie x


bekimarie said...

What a great little tool and I love the image of the lady you've used.
Hope you're having a good week
Beki xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Great tip!

Victoria xx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Thank you for visting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I love card making and paper crafts. The possibilities are endless.
Happy belated birthday!
Isabelle x

Earth and Ornament said...

Hello Annie
Thank you for your comments on my blog - it's good to know that somebody out there is reading it! Yours looks lovely - very professional! Debbiex

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Sorry! It seems that I`ve missed your Birthday... So a belated Happy Birthday to you! The gifts look wonderful and so did your garden...
Hope that your gorgeous little boy is settling okay... it`s such a big thing... first day/ year of school and that so will you. Lol
Thanks for the great tip with the fet!