Friday, 7 August 2009

Day out to London

Hello! Well I've taken a couple of days for myself this week to boost my spirits and energy so I can 'get my wonderwoman pants back on' ( that's a direct quote that tickled me from a friend!!)

So as an extended family member was visiting from Australia, I thought we'd take a visit to Spitalfields Market Antiques day. I used to love going trash and treasure Markets and Charity shops with her when i was living in Australia, she was so cool to go with, if she was ahead of me she would see stuff that I would love and put them in front so I would see them!! I remember going into this warehouse charity shop and this lady at the counter asking if I was Annie? Very Bewildered I said Er YES...why? I think you will like this big sparkly brooch...WOW I was standing there half taken with this gorgeous brooch and half wondering how the heck this woman knew me..when I looked over and saw Kaye hiding in the corner laughing at me...She set the whole thing up!! ( needless to say I bought that gorgeous brooch!!)

So I was also Child free yesterday as my son was busy playing with the dinosaurs at the 02 arena with my friend and her the way that's not Aidan in the picture...not that brave!!

So off I toddled on the train to London for the second day in a row!! and Landed here!

There was SO much to look at!! Gorgeous white wire chairs with a hint of rust!

This table was covered with sparklies and all at £1 each!

The most beautiful spread of vintage brooches..

...with a star of the show that nearly came back with me!!

Gorgeous Colours and quirky treasures

and a lampshade that was destined to find a new home that not mine..couldn't take that back on the tube!!

This tickled me!! It was on Rock and Roll Rich's stall!

Is that Birdcage I spy...... They were building these 2 massive birdcage type structures but it was all behind fencing...maybe in my garden??lol!!
So after coming back to the pouring rain and MacDonald's for dinner, I get a knock on the door and open it to find my Little boy standing there with these!!

He wanted to buy me some flowers with his spending money!! When asked why he bought me flowers...He said because I'm a princess!! When the Lady selling them asked if Mummy likes Pink..he replied 'No Mummy LOVES Pink' !
I am Blessed xx


Dawn said...

What lovely pictures. I'd forgotten the treasures held by Spitalfields and the inspiration they provided. Think I'll have to be making a trip up there myself.x

myvintageparty said...

Awwww, that is so cute of your little boy, adorable!
Loving the photos of the market, i've never been before but may just have to make a trip one of these days!
Sorry i missed you the other day on facebook, was logged on but was out the room... messaged Ann though about the fair, might have a stall myself with cake stands and dainty teacup candles, just need to make them!
Keep your chin up
Love L xx

Annie x said...

Dawn- you should def go!!! Its a really nice day, I didn't get to see half of the whole place really cause we were too busy having tea and cake!!

Laura- No worries hun I was just popping out anyway so just thought I'd send a quick message! It would be great to meet you!! Need to work out whether we can do it or not cause we have another craft fair the week before...but I dont see why not?

Thanks for the comments x

Annie said...

Hi Annie,
it looks like you had a great day, i will definitely visit the market myself sometime. Your little boy is so sweet !
Ann x