Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Festive lights & Fellow Crafters

Well thought I would post some pics of the switching of the lights in our Town..nothing spectacular but Aidy and his friend loved sitting on their daddies shoulders and Screaming for their superstar...the Honey monster!! needless to say I was nowhere to be seen when he was about ( see here for explanation) Stavros Flatley from Britains got talent fame were also there..although all we could see of them looking up to the Town hall window were their Bare bellies!! Tee hee!!

There was also a little craft fair there which was ..erm interesting to say the least ( lots of cheap cards, wood turning products and Tombolas)..there was one GREAT stall however which compensated completely!
Naomi had a lovely stall and a business with the BEST name!!

How cool is that!!

She had made some Fab Button Earrings  which were displayed so Cutely...Is that a word?

and some GORGEOUS handmade Bunnies in the cutest fabrics!

And how reasonable are her prices too? I had to of course bag me a bargain in the form of...

She has a great website and I wanted to to support a fellow local Bedfordshire Crafter!
Will be back soon with a LOT of pictures from the Watermill Antiques where some of my stock is sold
I have also decided to open a blogshop until I get my website sorted next year...Thanks to all for your orders and all of your helpful advice and best wishes..MUCHLY appreciated!!
Until next time x
Annie x


Kelly said...

Ha I would have hidden from the honey monster (almost as scary as a clown!!!!)
Glad Aidy had a good time though :)

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Sounds like a great evening and wonderful to find and support a fellow crafter

Victoria xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Looks as though all of you had a great evening!! Good to see that lovely craft stall too!!
looking forward to seeing your pics from Watermill Antiques, and also your blogshop next year!!

Have a great weekend!!

Sharon xx