Friday, 6 November 2009

New stock for a Vintage fair!

Well as you can see there is a reason for my absence in Blogland....I have been a busy bee finishing up stock for the Vintage and Homemade Fair in Northamptonshire this Saturday!
SO here's a sneak preview....
...Enamel pitcher decoupaged with vintage flowers and a shelf with an 'R' for Rusty and a little bit Random!!

Vintage Lace wound tightly round card..waiting for someone to come and use it for their sewing pretties...

An Old bevelled Mirror and ornate one too! Alongside a Great set of pins from Paris sneaking into the pic!!

A nice sized revamped printers tray with Cute as a button paper backing that can be hung Portrait or Landscape....

   ....With removable tiles and.... array of Little treasures to display...just to get you started until you find some of your own!

And some great little Stocking fillers! Some of my Digital Art made minitaure to add to your bracelet, Keyrings, necklace or Wherever you desire!!
Ok if you want to see more then you MUST try and Visit us....Northamptonshire is a great Central not too far from anyone!!
Read more about the sellers confirmed for the fair on Anns lovely Blog!
I will also be posting a 10% discount voucher for my stall that people are welcome to print off and bring to redeem against any goodies you might want to buy!! Will be meeting up with a few peeps that I have met in blogland and I must say I am really looking forward to it!!
Back soon with that voucher!
Big love to all
Annie x



Great stuff! Love the key rings,

myvintageparty said...

Wow Annie, you have been busy haven't you! It all looks great! Better bring lots of money tomorrow hadn't I! Really looking forward to meeting you and all the other bloggers. My printer doesn't work at the mo, am I still eligible for the discount without it? Pretty please!
Laura xx

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

of course hunny xxx

landcuckoo said...

Good luck this weekend Annie. Would love to come and see you and your goodies as they look fantastic but I'm busy at craft fairs myself. Will hope to see you soon, take care and have a good one!
Sarah x

Sewn Up said...

Hi Annie

I love the printers tray and keyrings, everything looks great, seems like you have been very busy. I hope everything goes really well tomorrow, unfortunately I can't make it tomorrow but wish you loads of luck. (not that you'll need it)
Tracy x

Kelly said...

Ohhhh all looks lovely! wish I could make it but we are going next weekend :)
Those keyrings look great!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Can't wait to go, and see you all!! Looks as though there will be loads of eye candy!!!
It will be work in the morning for me, then straight to the fair!!!

See you tomorrow!!

Sharon xx

Natalie Vaughan said...

Bloody hell (sorry if causes any offence) but when did you find the time to do all of that?!

Everything looks GREAT!! I hope you sell lots and make some useful contacts!