Monday, 9 November 2009

Success at the Vintage Fair!

Well I have had a busy weekend!! So this is the first chance for me to post about the Fantastic Vintage Fair Saturday.
After a slight delay we Got there and set up stall!! The time flew away and before I knew it. 12 noon had arrived and there was a queue of people waiting to come and see all of our treasures!
I didn't STOP!! I was waiting for a lull to go and scan everyone else's treasures but it didn't come!! I managed to sneak away for a scan of the stalls at about 3.20pm!! It was so BUSY!!
SO I didn't even get a chance to take pics! Luckily my mum managed to take a few but I hadn't finished setting up properly yet but you can get the idea!!

Birdcages and Butterflies.....

Well that was my stall and as you can see I still had more to put on!! This was my Mums Sew Lolly..It looked fantastic!

I love the embroidered things..and have just ordered a Christmas cushion from her in duck egg blue and Red cottage scene with Pickett fencing! Cant wait to see it!!
The Whole day was buzzing and I was so impressed by the efforts that Ann and Debbie had put into the day, the success is really down to their hard work and I tell you it really did pay off!
So as I didn't get a chance to take any pics at all but managed to arrange a lovely lil swap to get a gorgeous button heart decoration from 2 lovely ladies who had a stall there their company was called Spots and Stripes...time to get a blog ladies to show off those gorgeous treasures you make!!! Their e-mail address is
Sharon from Clover Cottage was an Absolute sweetheart and lovely to talk to! She took some great pics of all the stalls so go and have a nosey as she has details of most of the traders there..Including Lindsey of Elsie Sparrow who's stall was just FANTASTIC!! ( I bought some Gorgeous Mirrors and a Spud gun as a stocking filler for Aidy too ( Which i may live to regret just yet!!)

What was also Fantastic was meeting some lovely peeps from Blog land! There was Lovely Wendy from Ticking Stripes who gave me some dried Hydrangeas from her mothers garden which I will be including in a future project! Ann was amazing and did work so hard as well as Debbie did also they were both Fantastic and I felt as if I had known them for years!! Lovely Family too!!
Thanks so much for all your hard work x

SO a huge Success and a really lovely Day...Hope you are hosting another in the spring...I'll definately be there!!
Annie xx
P.S If you are the Lady who bought the printers tray please E-mail with your address because the Large O tile was hiding on the table and came home with me!


MelMel said...

Its one of my plans to attend a fair like this very soon.....your makes are LOVELY!!!xxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh how wonderful.
Glad you had a fantastic day!
Now we need one even further north ~ perhaps in York or Harrogate for me! lol!
Glad you had a lovely day & met lots of fellow bloggers.

Annie said...

Hi Annie, thanks so much to you and your mum for coming on Saturday, it was fantastic to finally meet you. I am just sorry I didn't get time to talk to you properly or even get a good look at your stall.I will be in touch soon.
Ann x

Dolly said...

yay! Im so pleased that it went well! your stall looks great x


Looks like a lovely set up! Glad to hear you had great success! Blessings!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Hi Annie, It was really lovely to meet you and your mum on Saturday and am so pleased that you enjoyed yourself. You made my daughter's day with the birdcage that will take pride of place on the wedding cake table.

Lululiz said...

Both stands look fantastic! I'm so pleased it was a successful day.

Kelly said...

I'm so pleased it all went so well!!!
Both stalls look brillint!
Glad you had a good day, I wish I could have come along but I'm off to Bristol this weekend instead xxxxx

LissyLou said...

ooo look at all those lovely things - what a great stall!!

Florence and Mary said...

Hmmm I think it's good I've managed to avoid this one I can see I would've been in BIG trouble with the bank manager if I had!!!

Victoria xxx

At Town Square said...

Wow a vintage fair, I just did a post on vintage pieces on Monday. How fun the fair sounds. Stop on by and check out the post. Drop a comment.

Paddywack Designs said...

Finally got to read this post! Wow, it looks great! Would love to have come, little far from the states though! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I love this time of year with all the fun craft shows. I am so glad you had a great turnout and that it was so successful! I did some shows in the past and had a few that were flops!!

I am so excited about receiving my little gift!! Thank you so much- I will let you know when I receive it.