Wednesday, 28 July 2010

6 WEEKS & Counting!!

Well they have officially started! Summer holidays are here!! The school reports are in, The teachers gifts have been given, the tears have been shed and the 'MUM I'M BORED' phase has def started!!!!
 Thankfully I have these little 10 day old cuties to keep us occupied!!! And loving the fact that we must handle them for a little bit of time every day!!! ( as long as Bumblebee the mummy doesn't mind too much of course)

There are 5 kitties, one set of Grey Tabby Twins, This half white and tabby in the pic above, a White cat with near identical patches to her mummy and a Dark Blue Grey boy with a white belly!
We haven't named them yet as I'm a bit scared of getting too attached before they set off for their new home when they ready to leave their mummy...but I'm sure some nicknames will spring up soon!!!
Please excuse my poor pic quality. I haven't got any pennies to buy a new camera yet so using my phone camera!!
Last weekend My sister had a Rare Saturday off so we jumped on the train to London and pottered around for the day around Covent Garden ( obviously via the Cath kidston Shop which was PACKED!!!) We had Lunch and then bought some Crushed Meringues with Strawberries and fresh cream while we sauntered off to Leicester Square to people watch..
...we then decided to something off the beaten track on a whim!! So spoke to the little tourist info guide there and found a Ghost bus tour for under £20 leaving from Trafalgar Square in an hour!
Booked that and had an iced coffee then headed off to Trafalgar Square where we watched a little bit of street dancing  then took a pic...Hmm looking a bit serious there!!! LOL!!
We then headed towards our pick up point in Northumberland Ave when we noticed that this rather creepy looking chap was staring at us.....
 ( he did actually pose for this one!)

Then this Came into our view!!!! The NECROBUS!!!
Its history is a tad Macabre!
Here's the info from the website.....
Earth to earth…
The Necropolis Bus Company began in the 19th century as a private funeral bus service. The Necropolis vehicles or ‘Carcass Coaches’ as they were known to Londoners were able to convey the deceased, pall bearers and up to 50 mourners (no standing) to the final resting place. Each bus had an onboard conductor/chief mourner and a special siren or ‘mourning whistle’ to warn pedestrians of the bus’s approach. The sound of the whistle prompted gentlemen to remove their hats and bow their heads as a mark of passing respect.
Ashes to Ashes…
Regular service ran until 1967 when a tragic fire at the company depot in South Dulstead razed the building to the ground and destroyed almost the entire fleet of buses. Only one vehicle was salvaged from the ashes and was locked in a storage facility for 40 years. It has now been restored to its original design and is operated by NECROBUS as a sightseeing service in central London. 
Bus to Bus
The bus is painted in the company’s traditional colour of midnight black. The interior seating is arranged in ‘railway style’ for comfort and so that passengers can grieve openly and offer condolences to each other. Decorative features include lamps and window curtains, which were always drawn if a coffin was stored in the vehicle overnight. This is based on the superstition that a departed spirit might be trapped by its own reflection in the glass and would be unable to pass on to the other world.  It also helped to keep the bodies cool in the summer months.
So we decide to actually get on this Bus for a different kind of tour!! I wont spoil it for any of you who might want to go on this fab tour but let me tell you it was one of the Scariest/funniest /Coolest thing we have done in London!!And Under £20 too!!
There was a picture of me and sis with the Bus conductor standing on the back entrance however.....It Didnt come out very well...for some strange reason...........

Well Will be back soon with a reminder about the giveaway...soon to close
Bye for now xx
Annie x


Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun and different thing to do!!
Convent Garden is always rammed, I work close by and often pop to Cath.......Then wish I hadn't! The pretties I bring home usually make it worthwhile though :)

Ms B. Thrift said...

Sounds like a fabulous day out! Love the kittens they are so adorable, hope Bumblebee is letting you enjoy more cuddles?

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Loving that scary bus driver, I would have loved to see the interview process for that job :-)

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

One almost done and six to go!! I get a week off next week (I childmind) and then have a housefull again till September. People think I am bonkers ... raised four myself and now take in everybody else's !! Cute kitties x

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

The bus tour looks like fun and those kittens are just the sweetest, how on earth are you going to part with them?

Andi's English Attic said...

That looks absolutely fantastic. I'd love to take the tour but I've heard it can be 'scarey' *ahem* and not sure my nerves would stand it! xx

Pennyblossoms said...

Ooo, pretty kitties, so cute! I wish I had more (some!) photos of Rene when she was a kitkit.
OMG-The Necrobus. You couldn't make that up, could you? Sounds brilliant!
Z xx