Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Well the Gorgeous Amy from Blighty Boutique has Kindly given me this great Versatile blogger Award which of course I'm chuffed to bits about!
The rules are to link to the blogger who sent you the award and to share 7 interesting facts about myself.  EEEK!! Well, here Goes....erm....please forgive me if I have recycled these from my last blog award but Its been at least a year so I'll refresh your memory!!!

1. I am a Twilight Fan
I have in the last month just finished the Twilight saga ( pretty later than the rest of the world ) however I fell in love with the story and Characters and would just think it would be AMAZING if Stephanie Meyer wrote the saga from Edwards point of view...whether or not that happens remains to be seen!!! By the way I'm Team Edward...until  Jacob takes his top off!!!

2. I used to dress Stores and Windows for Debenhams
 I studied Fashion & Textiles in College and progressed from junior Visual Merchandiser to Top Level before jetting off to live in Australia for a year!! Loved my job EXCEPT for hanging those dreadful sales signs!!! DEF don't miss that!!

3 Pancake Wednesday
 Every Wednesday I make these mini pancakes for My friends. We all chip in and play our parts ( everyone has a job) and we drink coffee, gossip and eat lots of pancakes with crispy bacon and Maple syrup!! Us women have to stick together and our little support network we have built up with each other is great as most of us don't have any grandparents that are close enough to watch kids when needed!
4 I am a Norah Jones fan
 I Love her voice and could listen to her albums on repeat quite happily! I used to sing to her album all every day of my pregnancy and It was the only music that would soothe Aidy to sleep when he was a bubba...I used to sing 'Dont know why' all the time to him and when I went to see her in Concert a couple of years ago I was felt my eyes weel up and a big lump formed in my throat...I turned to my husband in awe and was faced with a mouth open, almost snoring Jonas fast asleep!!! Clearly not a fan!!!!
5 I Honeymooned in Montmarte...
This was the hotel we stayed in, it was next to the home of Van Gogh where he studied with other french artists and was a short walk to the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre- couer...Montmarte is beautiful and if you are not Familiar with it than the Film 'Amelie' has lots of beautiful scenery of it
6 My Wedding dress was pink!
..OK maybe not as pink as Cinderellas but this book was def an inspiration!!
Mine was more of a shell pink and was bespoke, made in Italy but was bought whilst in Australia!!!

7 With my Husband for 17 years
Yes this November it will be 17 years as a couple....I'm only 32!! This makes him my childhood sweetheart, we started dating at the age of 15......truth be known he used to really pick on me before we became friends, funnily enough this truce coincided at about the same time the booby fairy came to visit!!! hahhaha!!! This pic was taken of us on our 2 year anniversary when we were 17....ahh young love!!

I'm passing this on to 2 ladies who I have had the pleasure of getting to know better lately due to me using their stock on our latest Photo shoot. I hope you visit and enjoy their blogs x 
Karen from Tilly Rose

Lastly just wanna say Thanks again to Amy and wish her all the best for the Vintage and Homemade fair in Northampton on Saturday...Wish I was going for this one to meet you all x x 
Annie x


Rebecca White said...

Your pancake wednesdays sound like a fabulous idea -love them with maple syrup and bacon! What a gorgeous picture of you and your hubby too :-)
Becky x

charl said...

i love your wedding dress!!!!.. i always wish now that id had a pink wedding dress when i got married!!...
the pic of you when you were 17 ,,, i think i had that dress !!!..i use to think i was dead glam in it!!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Well done & Congratulations! I really enjoyed reading all about you! Your wedding dress is beautiful, you look like a princess!

Rose Charles said...

awww thanks for the award my dear :-)

I love it when people have to write facts as you get to know things you wouldn't normally find out! (not that I am nosy or anything...). I love the idea of your pancake day each week, and that you & hubby are childhood sweethearts, so romantic!

I shall prob wait til I get back from hols to post about mine now (give me some time to think of some "interesting" facts about myself! lol)

Rose X

Lululiz said...

Awww,just look at the two of you, so young, and so in love! And you are still so young and in love, lol, almost 17 years later! Lovely post xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhhh so lovely to hear more about you.
Oooohhh look at you & your husband, how sweet! James & I first started seeing each other when we were young too like you.
Your pancake Wednesday sounds like so much fun.

Tilly Rose said...

Ahhh bless you hunny!
How lovely....

I LOVE your list especially the pink wedding dress!
Wish i could come round for those pancakes hun...
((Huge hugs))

Karen x x x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab post, I met my hubby when I was 16 - young love is fab isn't it.

Oohh pop over to mine as I am having a giveaway :-)

Amy said...

Great to hear more about you! Pancake wednesday...what a fab idea! x