Saturday, 1 May 2010

Organisation and declutter needed!!!!

Hello Lovely peeps!!
Please excuse that rather long disappearing really wasn't planned....illness, school holidays, gardening, friends....well basically LIFE!!!
Have taken a little break from work and getting my house in order!! You know I have paint that has been siting there for a good year ready to use cause we just haven't had time to do it....Well I think its high time that we do something about it!!!!!
Also Car boot season has started and I'm finding lots of treasures to revamp and show you!!!
SO fancy a photo catch up??
Firstly I have to show you these Lil gorgeous birdies that have now resided in my Birdcage from the lovely Alison from Vintage Amethyst... They have been called Sweet and Pea x Thanks Alison xx

My Girly Terri has recently chosen to become a Christian which I was Most pleased about! She chose me to be the one to Embrace her with a warm towel after she went for her dunk! I was the first person to hug her in her rebirth...I was overwhelmed...oh and very wet after a big bear hug...did not think that one through fully!!! LOL!! The day was amazing as was her church and its was a very Emotional day and I was fighting back the HUGE lump in my throat, but broke after a very heartfelt and beautiful version of Carole Kings 'you got a friend' proud of you Terri x x x
 Then Easter came as well as family friends and LOTS of Chocolate!!!!!
The Easter Sunday Table
Handmade Easter wreath.
pretty pink flowers
 ...even if they are a bit shabby!!
Here are a few of my Car boot finds do far...I will be back soon for a more detailed post when I have completed some trash to treasure makeovers!!!!!
a great tall candelabra and something that resembled a birdcage so HAD to to have it of course!!!
 This FAB teapot from a well known website which I have been hankering after for ages!!! and a cute dumpy little jug both found at the carboot for £1 Only!!!!
 These heavy Beautiful Vintage Curtains bought for £5!!!!

 And this set My friend bought for you'll never believe it...£2!!!!!!
It has lots more Cups, a coffee pot and teapot with all the trimmings!!! And Coffee tastes SO good from those cups too!!!!!
 This other little set was Another bargain that she bought....All this for £2!! It was missing a  blue jug.....Guess what Annie had in her collection??? Of course It deserved to go back to where it belonged!!!

 So after both me and Aidy being Ill with Flu for the Majority of the Easter holidays I promised to get better in time to take him out for a day trip to London before he went back to off we went to the Natural History and Science Museum...unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries but I did manage to get these few pics x
 Aidy recording his findings!!
 Love his attempt at spelling diplodocus!!!
 and me and Aidy exhausted after a long day

Not sure when I'll pop me some decluttering and organising to get done!!! Enjoy the sun hunnies xx
Until next time


Natalie V said...

Finally, your back to blog land! Lovely pics & congrats Terri on your rebirth.

If you need help painting, I'm all yours! I love painting & DIY. the trade off will be that you have to look after Cass or take her out while I paint! Lol! I'll let you think about that!! Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

Andi's English Attic said...

I love the candelabra. I would have been really pleased to pick that up at the boot.
I also love the drawing of the Dipli..Dipla...(cough)dinosaur. xx

Lululiz said...

It was good to catch up with you again. You got yourself some good boot fair bargains!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahh glad you like your birdies.
Oh my goodness you have had some fab thrify buys lately! I'm so jealous of those little teasets & jugs, so pretty.
Have a lovely weekend

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Welcome back to blogland Annie, seems like you have been really busy.

Annie said...

Good to see you back ! You have some great boot sale finds there, I love the pastel coloured utility wear and that tea pot is gorgeous/
Ann x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

what a lovely post with some fab times and carboot finds! oohh my goodness birdies are even calling me over the web now, I have a birdie fascination at the moment and keep buying bird things and then you post some birds on here called 'sweet' and 'pea' and my blogger profile is scented sweetpeas lol :-)

RosieP said...

Wow, such lovely pictures, looks like you had a great time at the museum

Hugs RosieP x

Kissed by an Angel said...

Welcome back!! Great buys!!

Kelly said...

Hey sweetie so cool to have you back!! Easter decs look fabby!!! Aidy is a cutie isn't he :)

landcuckoo said...

Good to 'see' you again! Sorry to hear you have not been well I hope all is better for you now.
Great finds, I love that china too. Congratulations to Terri a lovely honour for you to be there for the hugs.
Take care
Sarah x

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

What a beautiful Easter table! Awww Aidy is looking soooooooo cute! Glad you and yours are well, Annie :D Xx

Sewn Up said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the car boot finds that your going to do up, I look forward to seeing the finished articles.
Looks like you had a lovely day at the museum.

Florence and Mary said...

You've been finding some goodies. I've only made it to one boot sale so far and came home empty handed!

Victoria xx

Nadine said...

Beautiful Easter table decorations.